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    • By Kerems2434
      Conqueror's II | Victorian Age: At the Dawn of an Era scenario by @St.Chmnd
      Maybe someone know the "At the Dawn of an Era" scenario. This detailed scenario made by @St.Chmndand now, he ported it to Conqueror's II. Thanks to him for this nice scenario!
      You can look at the features of this scenario from this topic: 


      DOWNLAOD LINK: https://www.mediafire.com/file/4o8qh165usip4zp/Dawn+of+a+New+Era-A+Victorian+Era+Scenario.rar/file
      You can take help for install this scenario from this video: 
      AoC2ModdingTR / St.Chmd
    • By MistakenTech067
      With the complete defeat of Russia to Napoleon, and her complete defeat on land, Britannia was forced to sign an armistice with France.
      Henceforth, Napoleon now has a tighter grip on the European continent than ever before.

      (Map is from @Lipark Japanese modder, he has given me permission to use it. Make sure to check him out.)
      Freedom Arises plans to be a modification of AOH2 in its complete entirety, bringing a new scenario and a horde of events, civilizations along with it. 
      So far it is far from completion, with it's map itself unfinished along with the events. 
      Q: When will this be released?
      A: Somewhere along this year, most likely between 2-7 months.
      Q: How much events will this have?
      A: Can't estimate at the moment, but key events would include another coalition war, terror in the Balkans, the Russian Civil War, (possible) Liberation of Germany, etc.
      Q: Are you accepting beta testers?
      A: Not at the moment, no.
      Q: Will this get cancelled?
      A: Possibly delayed, but certainly not cancelled.
    • By Awesomenesdragon
      Hello everyone. I can tell you all are people who like Age of Civilizations/History 2. Well, I am making a mod that will make the game even better. It will have a new map, more provinces, more scenarios and more. If you have any ideology suggestions, please comment them.
      Provinces: 100 Done
      Background: When provinces are done
      Connections: When provinces are done
      Scenarios: When provinces are done
    • By Federation of Arizona
      This scenario will try to recreate the year 1880 as accurate as possible. Unlike the 1868 scenario, i will try to keep up this mod.
      Currently, this scenario is being made in the mod Addon +, and has 23 custom civilizations, with more to come in the future!
      Here are some photos from the current state of the scenario. Please tell me if you see any mistakes.
      ("I" will refer to incomplete)
      North Africa(The nation south of French Algeria is the Southern Territories.) (I)

      Egypt (Finished)

      United States w/ Territories(Finished)

      France (I)

      Southern Africa (I)

    • By Enesimo
      Some countries are representative
      Tell me about the errors (TR) 
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