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Med Dog

Extended Middle East - Scenario Pack

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There are 5 scenarios in this mode.


These scenarios only cover the Middle East.

1-Alternate Middle East

2-Modern Day

3-Mandate Wars - fun scenario (1948)

4-1939's Middle East

5-Ottoman's Middle east (1914)

1)In the alternative Middle East scenario 2. This scenario, Germany's II. I did it based on the map of the Middle East that would come out if he won the Second World War.

2)present day 

3)War between the Mandates

4)Middle East of 1939

5)Middle East before World War 1

This not a mod, this is a mini scenario pack.



1)Age of History 2> Map> Earth> Scenarios

2)Extract the files I have exported in zip into this folder





expanded middle east Modern day.png

expanded middle east alternate modern day.png

mandate wars.png




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