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1200 Mod - Now in other topic

just to see your opinions, but I will not do something around it  

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On 3/31/2021 at 8:13 AM, Dolphin General said:



I haven't seen any mod about 1200 scenario, so why not make it? 

It already have some event trees, some historically accurate others a little bit invented, just to make it interesting; a new background, MAYBE a new UI will be added; a new icon to the game when running (this is kinda useless), communism removed because it doesn't exists at that time.

The events in the first release will be focusing on the Mongol Hordes, Crusades, the Reconquista, the Byzantine Empire and some of the HRE.

some screenshots:

Saxon First Decision (triggers the next events) :



Burgundian First Decision (triggers the next events) :



Recommended nations:

  • Byzantine Empire
  • Poland
  • Saxony
  • Khamag Mongol
  • Austria
  • Burgundy
  • Norway
  • Livonia


Download for PC:


Download for Mobile:

None for now, sorry

is there white horde in this

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    • By Dolphin General
      cuz no one likes to scroll down until the  end of the topic, download of the current version FOR PC:
      So you like medieval era?
      So you like aoh2 events?
      If yes, this is a good mod for you.
      If not, I have some recomendations for you at the end of the main post.
      Events on the 1200 scenario New background, logo, running icon, cursor, sounds and UI Vassal counties for England RECOMENDATIONS FOR THE SUSSY IMPOSTERS WHO DON'T LIKE EVENTS or MEDIEVAL ERA or MEDIEVAL ERA WITH EVENTS:
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