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A 1440 Mod (MOD PASSED ON TO XJENTO) (Events)

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4 hours ago, siyomono0 said:

Give me ideas if you can, but I can tell you that Japan and United states can be formed in the next update by events.

yes like some non taking land events like economics

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On 4/10/2021 at 7:40 AM, siyomono0 said:

(Read this before you start questioning things)

I have not seen any thing to do with colonization and just the start date 1440, so I decided to do that a bit like eu4, Best played in 100 A.I aggressiveness

What this mod provides:

  • Only England, France, Portugal and Castile colonize. (A.I will colonize faster than you so you have to compete or war)
  • Events. (more for the future)
  • Major powers do not die immediately. (depends on player action)
  • Creation of dutchy of Prussia, polish - Lithuanian commonwealth, Spain, Tsardom of Russia and Austria-Hungary (soon japan) by events
  • Ming is weakened a lot. (+ Civil war)
  • Western Europe cant colonize Africa until 1480, exceptions are Nigeria and Angola. (that's why there is wastelands on the coasts)
  • More realistic populations
  • Tribes cant take all of America with armies
  • If you defeat a western power you can free it's colonizes, such as thirteen colonizes, south Africa and more 
  • It will stay kind of historical depending on what you do / choose or what the A.I chooses

Cons of the mod:

  • Still a lot of cancer.
  • Not done yet. (Lacks Content)
  • If your a tribe then don't border anyone until your a monarchy otherwise you are at war with western Europe. (I'm to dumb to fix) 
  • Western Europe is 50+ technology points above the rest of the world, except Brandenburg and Muscovy
  • Not even close to historical events such as when Columbus discovered America
  • Less tribes ( I need to do this because if I don't then it will be less realistic)

Warnings: Don't turn on wasteland provinces colonization

How to set it up:

1) Place both civilizations (the two folders on top) in 'civilisations_editor'

2) Replace the original 1440 scenario with this Mod

Current new Update Contains:

- Some mistakes and bugs Fixed

- Added random events such as Falkland's colonization and India too

- Events such as China's civil war and ottoman invasion are improved and have extra events (for example you can become Greece)

- Americas and colonizable lands now can form their independent nation (e.g. peace treaty can free countries like America or Australia) + (no events for independence wars)

- Might have done extra things as well I just don't remember what I added

-Better Prussia events / maybe France and ottoman events, I think I added china escaping into Taiwan if you lose the civil war or something

I posted the forth update because I was bored (I won't be posting often, this is because I have a life outside of editing pixels)

preview.png.3da20f99e45a9ea2fec22247d040000b.png 1440.zip 194.52 kB · 322 downloads

You can modify the cost of colonization by changing it in the "Ages.txt"

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On 10/23/2021 at 10:31 AM, Xjento said:

Hey @siyomono0if this mod dies dan i extend it more like event pictures more details events and more countries


On 10/23/2021 at 10:58 AM, siyomono0 said:

sure, if I ever need someone too enhance this mod when I'm gone. It will be you.

guys this is for the mod btw i have the fith update with japan

Edited by Xjento

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