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Bertrand Clausel prepared over 8700 troops to hold back the first Prussian troops.


Over 5000 troops from the south captured the Prussian cities Saarbrücken and Trewir.


The Prussian army was able to push back the French troops, while Bertrand tried to coordinate and recruit new troops.


Nearly 300 troops from the Kingdom of the Two Sicillies tried to land in Modelburg but failed.


Bertrand was able to organise and prepare 7000 French troops in a line near the rhine. 

On the 9th of June in 1845, he launched a counter attack on Prussia.


Sadly, Bertrand was hit by a bullet in heavy fights around Arnheim and he died shortly after that.

Louis was badly hurt by this shocking message but he ordered Emmanuel Gérard to take over Bertrands duties.


Emmanuel ordered to continue the counter attack with capturing the cities Siegen, Dortmund and Münster.



Only the attack against Siegen failed, so Emmanuel gathered 2700 troops for the first and 2000 additional troops for the second attack.


The northern regiments sucessfully conquered the cities Kassel, Bielefeld and Brilon.


On the 22nd of December, also Qajar and the Russian Empire joined the war against the Ottoman Empire.


Now, the Ottoman Empire was completely surrounded by enemys and it was clear that they couldn't stand any longer.

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Emmanuel's plan was to conquer more land of Prussia to force them to sign a peace treaty. French diplomats were able to sign a treaty with Anhalt and Hesse to get military access for the French army.


Thousands of French troops were heading towards Berlin and the Prussian exclave Schweinfurt.


On the 11th of May in 1846, Henri launched a last 5000 troops strong attack on the Ottoman Empire.


His plan was to conquer the Ottoman capital Istanbul and more main land of the Ottoman Empire to get a better position in the final peace treaties.


The main French troops captured many cities in the Balkan region, while other French troops were fighting heavily to capture the city Istanbul.



The French troops were advancing fast, while the Russian and Austrian troops were supporting the fight against the Ottoman Empire.



The end was near, so France signed a peace treaty with the Ottoman Empire on the 23rd of November in 1846.


It meant the full annexation of the Ottoman territories in Africa by France.


Oh, and France got Istanbul (or Constantinople? idk).


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With the end of the French-Ottoman War, Louis ordered Henri to begin the fight against the Two Sicilis.


The battles were heavy and the landing on the mainland of the Two Sicilies was nearly a complete disaster. Thousands of French troops were killed but Henri managed to escape to Marseille.

For Louis, this war was useless. France was already weakened by the fight against the Ottomans and France had to focus against the war against Prussia, so he sent diplomats who should sign a peace treaty with the Two Sicilies.


Meanwhile, the Prussian army attacked the city of Bruges with two regiments from the sea. France wasn't prepared for this, so Emmanuel had to sent troops from the frontline to Bruges to stop the Prussian landing.



At first, the Prussian troops were successful and more cities like Brussels and Namur were conquered.


Emmanuels plan was to cut off the Prussian troops from sea access, so he can encircle and force them to surrender.


His plan seemed to work and thousands of Prussian troops got trapped in Brussels and had to give up.



The biggest part of the French army was already near to the north sea, so Emmanuels next plan was to gather the French army there and attack Prussia from two sides: from the sea and through Anhalt.



The preparations were doing great when suddenly a Prussian regiment from Hannover attacked the city of Bielefeld.


Scouts also reported that there was another Prussian regiment waiting for further orders.

Emmanuel knew that he had to react immediately.

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