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Formable Nations
what do you think make game more fun?
i think one of those is Formable Nations!
now im collecting your ideas for our mod "
Hearts of AoH2 Remastered Edition!"
historical, fantastic, alternative, madness, everything ok!
Im planning introduce formale nations in next update. Any languages is ok.

Im looking forward to your interesting ideas!



Nation name; Antilles Federation 

Capital; La Habana

Description; against United State power in  Caribean sea, after cuba revolutuion, they formed confederation.

                      Idea comes from area name.



Required Provinces;


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North atlantic federation, formed by united states, canada, uk, france, spain, portugal or morocco. Provinces include the all north atlantic countries /or all their north atlantic coast          

South atlantic, same idea, brazil, argentina, nigeria, angola, namibia, south africa, mexico, cuba 

Atlantic federation all of ghe above united under a single nation 

New atlantis all of the above+complete control over all american, european and africa provinces.



Could do the same with pacific ocean








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Finnic union

finland and estonia decided to make a union called "baltic union" as they expand to norway, sweden and northern west russia, they decided to call it "finnic union" since finland does most all the job and, the government of estonia is supporting for finland



idk but it wont let me upload file  


Map ; https://imgur.com/VZ29x59

and all of estonia [ iam lazy to draw lol ]


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Form Ottoman Federal People's Republic

Formed by: Turkey

Turkey decided that it's time to be a superpower so it's time build a non-monarchy Ottoman government

Capital: İstanbul

Requiers: Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Hejaz and lands of Saudi Arabia that looks to the Persian Gulf, Qatar, Bahrain, Lands of Yemen that looks to the Red Sea, Kuwait, some parts of northwestern Iran, North and western land of Egypt, Sudan's coastline, Eritrea, Northern Libya, Tunisia, Cyprus and Balkan borders of Ottoman Empire before the 1st Balkan War.

flag:Türk Bayrağı - Pow - Bylge

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Name : Visegràd Union

Capital : Visegràd (North of Budapest in Hungary) 

Description The Group was created following the break-up of the Soviet Union. Cooperation between the four countries focused on the construction of democratic systems and accession to NATO and the EU.

Formed by : Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia. 

Requires : Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia. 

Flag : here's the flag



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Empire Of San MarinoUntitled.thumb.png.8e8b1359bba1b14b6518a7f3e2622937.png


Formed By: San Marino, Papal States.

Flag: Untitled2.thumb.png.aef0fe1d81f10e76f21f8864e9ddb440.png


Backstory: In Response to the rising influence of Austro-French Influence in Italy, San Marino (Heavily supported by the Papal States) Began a campaign of Conquest of Northern Italy to unify it under 1 crown. San Marino (Now the Italian Kingdom) would exert influence in the remainder of Italy and begin colonizing the New World.


Power Status: Secondry Power (Rising)

Year: 1550 AD

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Other idea

Name : The Ostrogothic Kingdom

Capital : Ravenna

Ideology : Monarchism

Description The Ostrogothic kingdom existed from 493 to 553 , during the great invasions then in full phase of movement and not of sedentarization, and succeeds the Roman Empire on its native soil.

Requiers : image down below. 

Formed by : Italy, Vatican City, San Marino, Papal States, Naples/Two Sicilies, and basically all the city states that were on the Italian peninsula. 

Flag : Also down below



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Name : Geographical France

Capital : Paris

Description : The french borders were almost perfect except the North border wich was a plain. They decided to expand their northern border to the Rhine. 

Formed by : France

Requiers : France, Andorra, Monaco, Guernsey islands, Luxembourg, Belgium, South Netherlands, and the Rhineland (map down below) 

Flag : Same flag as France



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Anglo-Irish Commonwealth



Capital : London, Dublin



Formed by: Munster, Leister, Ireland (Any Irish Kingdom), England, Wales, (Any Welsh or English Kingdom)

Required Provinces: London, Manchester, Dublin, Cork.

Claims: England and Ireland

History: After the English conquest of Ireland, the Irish would cause constant revolt eventually resulting in the English government giving the Irish more power.

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Name : Republic of the Horn of Africa

Capital : Addis-Abeba

Description : Countries of the Horn of Africa decided it is time to end conflicts. They also decided to unite to be stronger economicly, taking example on the United Republic of Indochina

Formed by : Ethiopia, Djibouti, Eritrea, Somalia (Somaliland if you recognise it) 

Requires Ethiopia, Djibouti, Eritrea, Somalia (Somaliland if you recognise it)

Flag : down below


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