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This spell keeps you invisible for 10 seconds

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This spell casts RuneScape Gold 2007 a ghastly transparent figure dressed in a long cloak and robe (much like a Shade.) The"ghost" tactics your prey and reaches"into" them whilst doing so, is really reducing their assault by 20%, Power by 20 percent, Defence 20%, and whether or not they're using prayer, it takes off 7 factors of it. Requires Amulet and 91 mage.

F.O.G. Find Complete: This spell, unlike the minimum Locate, brings you straight to your victim. Together with that, it also requires 98 mage.

Minimum Invisibility: This spell keeps you invisible for 10 seconds. This necessitates 72 mage along with the Amulet. Maximum Invisibility: This spell keeps you invisisble for 20 minutes. It requires 89 mage and the Amulet. Now, onto the prayer book. These are the requirements to purchase/use...

Light of Running: While this prayer is activated, it will permit you to run much more faster than usual. This prayer SOMETIMES permits you to out run an arrow or spell. This prayer requires maturity level 45. Toasted Arrows: This prayer is useful when an Archer is on top of you. This spell protects you from true and longrange strikes of a screamin' arrow. While the arrow appraoches you, a ring of flame will circle your charater, and when the arrow goes through it, it will slightly burn up and the damage reduces by 10%. This prayer requires 50 prayer level.

Jagged Edges: This prayer calms your character in boards with several nails in every one of these. If assaulted using meele, these claws will"bend" the blade of the Buy RuneScape 2007 Gold weapon, which lowers the damage delt by 10%. This prayer requires 53 prayer level.

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