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DOWNLOAD NOW PATCH 0.3!!! (For PC and Mobile) ↓ | Gathering Storm 1936 (HOI4 STYLE) - A Conqueror´s II mod ✠

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I dont like how the map does not look like the map in hoi4 for example in real life egypt is independent but in hoi4 its not just the princely states in the british raj, so i suggest that you just copy the map in hoi4 cause its seems better to me and players playing as britain would frustrated of the complication of the border


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Posted (edited)
On 6/8/2021 at 8:22 PM, The Great Commander said:

I dont like how the map does not look like the map in hoi4 for example in real life egypt is independent but in hoi4 its not just the princely states in the british raj, so i suggest that you just copy the map in hoi4 cause its seems better to me and players playing as britain would frustrated of the complication of the border


The map is made and edited to look like the following image:a14689fab03272baa99838ccb92e9c13.jpg

Although the countries and the terrain lack relief and improvements with the rivers that are shown in dark color, it is something very similar, and regarding the borders, in HOI4 it is like this, I will change it if many people do not like it, but the basic idea of the mod is precisely to make it as similar as possible to HOI4

Edited by BaronVon016

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On 5/24/2021 at 7:37 AM, BaronVon016 said:

Merhaba, merhaba! Forumda yeniyim ve bu oyunun en sevdiğim modunun 1.5 güncellemesinden yararlanarak, 1936'daki Hearts of Iron IV'ünkine çok benzer bir senaryo başlatmak istedim, diğerlerinden farklı olarak, hem siyasi hem de her ulusa özgü yaklaşım dallarını taklit edeceğim.

- Evet, doğrudan bağlantıyı aramak için geldiğinizi ve hiçbir şey okumayı düşünmediğinizi biliyorum, bu yüzden ayı: ➪ İnDİr LİnKİ ⇶ https://www.mediafire.com/file/uydwa7us3peispm/Gathering+Storm+1936+MOD.rar/file (PC sürümü) Mobil sürüm birkaç saat içinde çıkacak Discord sunucumuza katılın!

Bu mod olacak:
➢ Avrupa'nın büyük bir kısmı için odak ağaçları. - Süreç içinde...
➢ Kendi renk paleti. ✔
➢ Yeni ve Özel HUD
➢ Özel Yazı Tipi.

➢ Neredeyse Avrupa ülkesi ✔ başına ➢
+60 etkinlik kutusuna özel tasarım
yeni sesler (Hearts Of Iron IV'ten) ➢ ✔.➢ Yeni arka plan müziği.
✔ (daha fazla arka plan müziği için önerileri kabul ediyorum)
➢ Yeni imleç.
✔ ➢ Her ideoloji için ➢ Liderler ✔ yeni simgeler mevcuttur. - Bu uygulama Conquerors'un 4. güncellemesine kadar askıya alınmıştır.

komünist, faşist ve bazı büyük ülkeler
için ➢ İstihbarat teşkilatı sistemi ➢ Odak ağaçları olacak ülkeler ❖ yeni arka planmenüsü:


-İspanya -İngiltere (birleşik krallık)
-İtalya -ABD -Japonya
❖ Gelecekteki oyungüncellemelerinde odak ağaçlarına sahip olacak ülkeler:

-Kanada -Meksika

Changelog 22/3/21: HUD ve sesteki estetik değişiklikler neredeyse tamamen tamamlandı. Changelog 23/3/21: Alman siyasi odak ağacı ve "Dört Yıllık Plan" odak ağacı tamamlandı.

(Rheinland ve Anschluss odak ağacını bekliyor). changelog25/3/21 ✉: Odak ağaçları artık her 2 ayda bir (60 gün) serpiştiriliyor.

Changelog 25/3/21 - 11:08: Alman Odak Ağaçları bitti, Fransa'nın odak ağaçlarıyla başladım bile.

Changelog 27/3/21: Almanya'daki tüm odak ağaçları kesinleşti.

Changelog 29/3/21: Okyanus rengi HOI4'e benzer daha koyu maviye dönüştü.

Changelog 8/4/21: MOD'a her türlü yardımı almak için bir Discord sunucusu oluşturuldu.

https://discord.gg/fJX6QHVSjnChangelog 10/4/21: Ana oyun menüsü için bir arka plan, medeniyetler oluşturmak için yeni bir sistem ve komünist ve faşist ülkeler için bir istihbarat sistemi eklendi.

Changelog 21/4/21: Fransız odak ağacı ❖ tamamlandı Not: -Bunu çevirmen yardımıyla yazdım-Milliyetçilik Güçtür'ün yarattığı bir harita kullandım


Why are there no rivers (example: rivers in Spain.)

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    • By Orhan Eren GR
      Hi !
      Iam great war with 200 events scenario producer beag_5
      Me and my team took a break from modding due to a few negative situations that happened to us.
      But now we started modding for aoh2 again.
      Our first mod is Millenium-Dawn Modern Day for  Conquerors.
      Features of Millenium-Dawn Modern Day Mod :
      -So many Events With Pictures
      for now :
      2000: done
      2001: done
      2002: still in development
      2003 to 2021 : still in development
      Research on other years continues. 
      -New Leaders With Pictures

      beta download link When we finish the event of a year, we will share the download link with you from discord. If you want to test the mod early, our discord server:
      full version release date: October 20

      Producers : Beag_5, Price, Maddog and Mobile Producer Emrer Bozkurters


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      An Hearts Of Iron 4 mod for Age Of History 2 
      -Almost every leader and country has a portrait
      -new musics
      -new sounds 
      -about 30 new ideology
      --Mostly Hearts Of Iron 4 icons
      -Probably every nation (who has focus tree in Hoi4) will have an focus tree and events !NOT CERTAİN!
      -Probably new civilizations color pallets
      AND It is still in beta if my idea will not change  I am gona share it with this community  
      I am gona share some photos from the mod soon
      And This Is The Trailer of mod
    • By BaronVon016
      𝕲athering Storm MOD seeks to assimilate the separate MOD "Conquerors II" so that it has an appearance and playability as close to that of HOI4 (Hearts of Iron IV).The MOD receives updates every week, and you can test them. 1 out of every 3 updates has a mobile version in addition to the PC version. Join our Discord group for more details.

      This mod will have:
      ➢ Focus trees for much of Europe. ✔
      ➢ Own color palette. ✔
      ➢ New and Custom HUD ✔ -NEW
      ➢ Custom Font. ✔
      ➢ Custom design to box of events ✔ -NEW ✔
      ➢ +40 events per almost european country ✔
      ➢ New sounds (From Hearts Of Iron IV). ✔
      ➢ New background music. ✔ (I accept suggestions for more background music)
      ➢ New cursor. ✔
      ➢ (Probably), new icons. - New icons available ✔ -NEW
      ➢ Leaders for each ideology. 

      ❖Countries that will have focus trees:
      -UK (United Kingdom)
      -Soviet Union

      ❖Countries that will have focus trees in future game updates:

      𝚁𝚎𝚕𝚎𝚊𝚜𝚎𝚍 𝙿𝚊𝚝𝚌𝚑𝚎𝚜:
      ❏ Patch 0.1 - For PC
      ❏ Patch 0.2 - For PC
      ❏ Patch 0.3 - For PC and Mobile
      ❏ Patch 0.4 - For PC and Mobile
      ❏ Patch 0.5 - For PC (For Now)

      𝙿𝙲: ✑ https://www.mediafire.com/file/ku2m2zqgreqj8l5/Gathering+Storm+1936+MOD+Beta+0.5.rar/file

      ❖ Note: -I wrote this with the help of the translator-
      ☛ I used a map created by Nationalism Is Strength







    • By Mr.Anti-Lolicon
      What is "Gathering Storm - The End of One War for All Other Wars"?
      - It is a map scenario of the First World War, specifically the March 21, 1918 Spring Offensive.
      What are the historical details?
      - The Spring Offensive in France by the Germans, Russian Civil War, the offensive by Egyptian troops in Transjordan, Arab revolt in Hejaz, German vassals, Chinese, British, Alliances such as Entente, Alliance, White Army and Red Army and last but not least, participation of South American countries like Brazil and Haiti
      To historical events?
      - Unfortunately not, I don't know how to make events with this mod as it is something silly, whoever wants to help I accept...
      Used scenario, civilization, leaders, etc.. From other people?

      - Yes, the credits go to : @Vrda, @BaronVon016 (mod owner), @Orhan Eren GR (responsible for my idea to create this scenario) and @wbladew5, Thank you very much, you were responsible for giving me this idea. ><  

      Images :

      (Warnings) To historical errors, as in the Russian Civil War and the Spring Offensive, who can help me I thank

      Ps : This is my first topic, I hope you like it...
    • By Ba6taTi
      Hello! This is new project. Hope you like it!
      The Age of Iron will have:
      new map with 806+ province with all states in hoi4
      every country in hoi4
      the four ideologies - Democrat, Fascist, Communist and Non-Aligned
      focus tree for every country (generic countries will have generic focus tree)
      Province Left: 
      Countries that are done:
      United Kingdom
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