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Batın Burhan

Crowns of Iron IV / Hearts of Iron IV MOD

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On 06.09.2021 at 00:11, Tuncayoff99 said:



06.09.2021 saat 17:35'te SussyFuisty şunları söyledi:

Mod çıkmıyacak

ne alak

07.09.2021 günü saat 06:57'de Başkan Baad şunları söyledi:



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    • By Lipark Japanese modder
      Hoaoh2 is shit! Nonsense border! When is Release Date! Amogus! Shit Scenario! Slow Turns! Many bugs! Mod don't work! Too Heavy!
      I tired to hear this. 
      Why? because there are no means to solve serious problem.
      What is pur problem? We're in trouble with Man-lacking
      Therefore, I have delayed the release of updates because The
      prepare isn't done yet. When the uodate will be? It will be next
      year without any jokes
      It cannot stay like this
      So i decided to recruit some ethusiatic member for
      New Simon modding member

      If you have some question about this, ask me below the comments
      *Android with the Clear strage for 3.0G+ and Version is 5.0+
      Some work need special tool or application.
    • By taha1g
      Bu video daha Heaarts of Stone modunun %10'udur bu size modun nasıl olacağı hakkında ufak bir fragmandır
      Hearts Of Stone'un amacı size harika bir aoh2 deneyimi sunmak ve size HOI4 oynuyormuş gibi hissetmektir bundan dolayı senaryolar az ama kaliteli olacaktır
      Modda Olacak Özellikler
      +Hearts Of Iron 4 simgeleri
      +Hearts Of Iron 4 sesleri ve müzikleri
      +Yeni ideolojiler ve ideoloji simgeleri
      +5 tane Hoı4 senaryosu olacak
      +Tüm büyük devletlere fokus ağacı
      Modda olacak Senaryolar
      +The Great War
      +The Gathering Storm
      +Cold War
      +Millenium Dawn (2000 ve 2018)
      Eğer mod beğenilirse V1.5'le yeni senaryolar eklenecek

    • By Batın Burhan
      Hello to everyone. I started launching an unprecedented European mode. This mode is a mode that continues to move forward, modeling the HOI4.
      mod includes Europe

      More than 4,000 provinces in total
      If you want to help, you can reach me without conflict (Batın Burhan # 5278)

      Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/BatınBurhan/featured


      -new font
      - Faster Turn Transition Speeds
      - New Game Logo
      - New music
      - New Battle Sound
      - new HOI4 panels
      - very realistic HOI4 interface
      -60+ scenarios
      - 1st and 2nd world war event
      - Way return path selection
      - new leaders
      newly shaped civilizations
      -New terrain type visuals
      - brand new color pack
      - Compatible Versions for Windows and Android
      -You can comment or react to me on fashion.
                                            Current states

      Small view of the developing interface.

      -Batin Burhan

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