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5 hours ago, Deniz Sahin Akkaya said:

Tatil yapın ama böyle mod yapmayın forum kirleniyor oyjnun ilk çıktığı zaman olsa anlarım

Forummu kirleniyor???? bir mod yapmak forumu kirletiyorsa forum zaten kirli eğer bu forumu sevmiyorsan defolup gidersin burda herkes kendini modunu yapar burda herkes kendi mod sever modu sevmediysen boş boş yorumlar yazmana gerek yok eksikleri yazarsın sonrada defolup gidersin ulan arayı boş bırakmayalım diye araya kücük bir mod yaptım modda bir harita gibi ne olmuş yani???? 

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5 hours ago, Deniz Sahin Akkaya said:

Bunu ben mi söyledim

Lan ben bunu iyi anlamda dedim sen kötü anlamda modcuk diye dalga geçiyorsun evet ulan modcuk küçük bir mod hayatındamı görmedin isteyen oynar isteyen oynamaz burda boş boş dalga geçme

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5 hours ago, Deniz Sahin Akkaya said:

Karşılıksız yapıyorsan yapma bak ad fly var direct link var sezer akkayanın mod indirme servisi var onları kullan millet bi reklam geçsin para kazanın büyük bi miktar olmasa her mod başına ortalam indirmeyle 2 lira kazanırsınız o da en az

Benim mevzum para falan değil benim mevzum insanlara iyi birşey vermek ama iyi birşey vermemin sonucunda (ki bunu sende diyorsun modu sevdim diyorsun) salak saçma yorumlar alıcaksam

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En saçma yorumda kesinlikle forum kirleniyor .AW:dwadaw.a.wd:WA: dostum bunu sen anlamamış olabilirsin ama burası herkese acık bir yer herkes kendi modunu yapar herkes kendi bir mod sever herkes kendi bir mod oynar sen sevmedin diye forum kirleniyor olmuyor yada oluyorsa bile forum coktan kirlenmiş demektir

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    • By Uagquq
      Age of democracy 4 is a hoi4 style ww2 addon + mod 
      300+ new leaders
      Working elections (for the United States, China, Germany, British raj, Spain, etc

      New focus trees for thee united states (normal hoi4 focus tree), the soviet union (new no step back focus tree with new democratic focus trees), united kingdom (new fascist monarch tree), Japan, British raj(whole new focus tree), Communist China, France, Spain, Poland (new no step back focus tree), Austria, China, Mexico, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, 
      New ideologies like Falangism, Anarchism, Democratic Socialism, Rexism
      leaders will change when they change ideologies through focus or puppeted
      UPDATE:I just added all the reichskommissariat leaders (you can form the reichskommissariat after you have done the "form the reichskommissariat" focus)

      21|1|22 UPDATE:I have started adding the soviet union focuses and starting to add the democratic tree (kerensky portrait is from new ways mod for hoi4)

      23|1|22 UPDATE:I have added the german british puppet portraits (also bukharin portrait that i forgot about it in the last update)

    • By Lta
      Status: IN PROGRESS
      The mod with the most votes will be in the first update
      Scenarios won't be added in the mod
    • By OyunB/YT
      Hey guys! I'm O.B. You can call me just "FearlessOkan". I started a new mod. May I say the properties:
      New UI
      New Scenarios
      You'll see when you download the mod.
      That's it!
      MOBILE (not available for not)
      DISCORD: https://discord.gg/UnhQauJSyX
    • By DasSoldat88
      THE NEW WORLD ORDER is an alternative story mod that seeks to bring a chaotic setting with various events and campaigns to bring a new gameplay style, diferent from what players are used to.
      NEW DISCORD SERVER: https://discord.gg/sVcU6BXdBB
      Updates 02/12/2021
      In the last few days i made some progress that i will share, i will post a gameplay too so keep atention.
      Obs: The gameplay is outdated in some points. You can see the diference when look at the images.
      Atomwaffen Gameplay: 
      Images 02/12/2021

      First of all I would like to apologize for any spelling mistakes, I don't completely master English. I would also like to point out that the mod is fully in PTBR but if you like I'm ready to translate the game, but for the events i would have to ask for help because there are several and I don't have time for that alone.   --------------------------------------------------LORE------------------------------------------ The year is 2003, the invasion of Iraq as a result of the war on terror begins. Prepared for an alleged war and with broad support from its former enemy, Iran, Saddam's forces prevail and play the cards in the Middle East for the formation of an Arab coalition aimed at controlling oil prices. In 2005, as part of the coalition's plan, a wide-ranging revolt is launched in Saudi Arabia, overthrowing the monarchy and establishing an Islamic Republic aligned with the coalition. Now with the Middle East in hand, the coalition is manipulating the market in its favor, the US and its allies, disenfranchised by the defeat against the Iraqis, are in a difficult situation with the social and economic crisis at the door. With the 2008 crisis, the situation that already seemed irreversible becomes even worse. Chaos ensued as unemployment rose and solutions were thrown into the air by the most varied factions, the United States of America was a powder keg and the explosion came with the assassination of President Barack Obama on September 10, 2009, which happened was the breakdown of the United States of America into several states with factions calling war for unification in their own ways. The World in 2010...

      Middle East...


      And... Disunited States
      Some of the US Warlords...

    • By ArashTheArcher
      im the developer of the iron cutrain mod
      my pc just died
      and everything that i created is gone
      the problem was that fkin windows updates
      that sh*t killed the pc
      i not gonna continue the mod progress
      but thank you all the people who help me developing this mod
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