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    • By OttomanAlan

    • By Ba6taTi
      Progressive Era is dated from 1896 unitl 1916. If you spot any mistake in the map feel free to comment. You can also suggest which country to make events for.
      Version 1.1.0
      Events for German Empire, Italy, Austro-Hungarian Empire.
      France: gived Saint-Pierre; relations with German Empire -20
      United Kingdom: gived Jersey
      Italy: gived Venice; removed from Central Powers
      Germany: guarantee Italy; can't form Weimar Republic; relations with France -20
      Austria-Hungary: guarantee Italy
      Russian Empire: guarantee Bulgaria, Serbia and Montenegro
      Ottoman Empire: guarantee Bosnia
      Planned for next update:
      Ahistorical outcomes for the events.

      LINK:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cJBFVjhSwOOC5Le2Y6rjkN3evL0HKreR/view?usp=sharing
    • By TheRealLoptak
      I made this 1919 scenario, just for fun. It's mostly accurate apart from some territories, mostly in Russia, but everything else should be fine.

      My discord server: https://discord.gg/jee9ZyEQ

      Thanks for downloading 🙂
      Download is all the way at the bottom. Just look for it.

      1919 AoH2.rar
    • By Uagquq
      Age of democracy 4 is a hoi4 style ww2 addon + mod 
      300+ new leaders
      Working elections (for the United States, China, Germany, British raj, Spain, etc

      New focus trees for thee united states (normal hoi4 focus tree), the soviet union (new no step back focus tree with new democratic focus trees), united kingdom (new fascist monarch tree), Japan, British raj(whole new focus tree), Communist China, France, Spain, Poland (new no step back focus tree), Austria, China, Mexico, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, etc
      New ideologies like Falangism, Anarchism, Democratic Socialism, National Bolshevik, Rexism, National solidaritism, Falangism, Mladorossi, Strasserism, etc
      leaders will change when they change ideologies through focus or puppeted
      UPDATE:I just added all the reichskommissariat leaders (you can form the reichskommissariat after you have done the "form the reichskommissariat" focus)

      21|1|22 UPDATE:I have started adding the soviet union focuses and starting to add the democratic tree (kerensky portrait is from new ways mod for hoi4)

      23|1|22 UPDATE:I have added the german british puppet portraits (also bukharin portrait that i forgot about it in the last update)

      26/1/22 UPDATE:I have started work on the communist Chinese focus tree30/1/22 BIG UPDATE:choose wisely           Soviet national bolshevism sorry for not uploading for a alot of days I will start adding the napoleon focus trees and french puppets (such as Quebec,Louisiana and French raj when franch puppets them)
      1/2/21 UPDATE:I have added some new stuff      
      I have updated the previous gfx 
      4/2/21 UPDATE:(Sorry for not updating you before) so I have added the napoleon focus tree and many other               
      UPDATE:I need help.
      It's probably going to take me alot of time to finish this mod alone so if you can help pls tell me 

      Mod wise I have been finishing the british raj focus tree and the german focus tree

      More on the pakistani focus tree after you have done the civil war you will get this event

      If you select the "united hindu-Muslim state" you will get abdul ghaffer khan as the leader of Pakistan as he was a non-violent secularist there would be no focuses that will declare war on nations but you can still expand but in non-violent ways like referendum on unionizing with pakistan 
      Also I have added falangism into the mod 
      9/2/22 UPDATE:I have added national bank communist focus tree for mexico 

      Huge credit to franco19391 for helping me make the focus tree It probably would have took a lot of time without him 
      UPDATE:I'm currently adding the spanish focus tree and also my friend franco19391 needs help for his mod so help will be very appreciated 
      13/2/22 UPDATE:(probably my biggest update) I'm have completed the no step back monarchist and fascist focus trees for Poland 

      I wanted the polish focus tree to be as vanilla hoi4 like as possible so after you have done Assemble the regency council sejmik council will become leader of poland and you will get the event "the habsburg candidate" 


      20/2/22 UPDATE:i have added the carlist and falangist focus tree of spain



      26/2/22 UPDATE:I have added the iran focus tree 

      Mohammad mosaddegh:with mossadegh you can go democratic or become fascist 

      THE fascist focus tree:You can go fascist there are 4 leaders you can have first is

      Mohammad reza Pahlavi:

      Fazlollah zahedi:

      Hasan arfa:

      Davud monshizadeh:

      Mohammad ali foroughi:The second democratic leader you can have is foroughi You can stay democratic or go communist:

      The communist focus tree:

      I am not going to be updating on post now I am making a discord where I will update the mod

      Hey if you want to help in development you can send a friend request to uagquq#4216 on discord
      Hey just a quick update I have added fascist and communist sweden focus tree and my friend Naryaser#2059 made the fascist belgium focus tree and monarchist austria and fascist and communist Sweden focus tree added new ideologies like rexism and national solidaritism
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