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    • By leviavata
      The Splitted World are two mod 1943 and 1949 (baswd on second half of WWII and Cold War). It will include every single war and crisis. 1943 - From Soviet counterattack at Stalingrad until fall of Nazi Germany,Japan and Italy. 1949 - From the Greek civil war until the collapse of the Soviet Union.
      Mod by Xjento. Link to forums: 
      Server Discord : https://discord.gg/8ZSyAcMybJ
      Map Preview:

    • By Kami_180p
      Age of History 2 1700 Scenario 

      Download is not avaible anymore
      (btw, its important to download the leaders/leaderIMG)
    • By ArashTheArcher
      Colonial Wars is mod based on the historical conflict of The seven years war
      The mod includes scenarios with events from 1550 - 1900 and the main scenario is 1748 The Seven Years War
      There will be a lot of new provinces for historical accurace borders and better gameplay (+200 new provinces done!)
      We created an quest mission event system that you have to compelete them to make a better and stronger civilizations there will be historical events and leader change codes
      also mod has alterantive endings based on your gameplay.
      Mod capabilities:
                                 -New custom UI
                                 -New Leaders
                                 -Custom font
                                 -New map background
                                 -New Civilizations
                                 -New Font
                                 -Own color pallet
                                 -New sounds
                                 -New custom icons
                                 -New Goverment types
                                 -Fully detailed Civilization Names
                                 -Detailed and Remade Flags
                                 -New Music
                                 -HIstorical Events
                                 -Alterantive Endings/Decisions
                                 -New Custom Cursor
                                 -Realistic Technology Levels

      Scenarios that we added for now: 1440: The rise of ottomans
                                                                   1600: The Renaissance
                                                                   1748: The Seven Years War (Events: Yes)
                                                                   1836: The Victorian Era (Events: Yes)
      13 Ideologies!

      Starting discription Event!

      Historical Realistic Borders!

      Detailed and better flags!

      New leaders!


      Beta Version: Ready!
      Android: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Cza56ljEWs2z9uI91wdxwQPceWDIpT7V/view?usp=sharing PC: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BNiMe-6XPCYaIIQU_3ro7ImFXXzJ5UjR/view?usp=sharing

      PC: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BNiMe-6XPCYaIIQU_3ro7ImFXXzJ5UjR/view?usp=sharing
       Also dont froget to give me ideas for events or anything else 🙂 
    • By Alemanha Ball
      Olá, este cenário está em 1700 anos
      civilizations_editor.rar scenarios.rar

    • By Mr.Anti-Lolicon
      Hello to everyone interested in my mod so far! I'm already starting work on it, don't worry, I estimate a beta version available ready before the end of the month!
      Age of the Emperors is an aoc2 mod, which has more modern scenarios and set from the 20th century, but has the focus from 1300 to 1945, which was the time of the great empires and monarchies, from 1945 came the cold war and kind of the monarchy and empire that emerged, is not interesting for this mod.
      - Will there be events for more current scenarios?
      Yes! A great part of the community expects a mod full of scenarios and events, something innovative, and this is what Age of Emperors seeks to bring, because more than having the focus on older data, I will work with current scenarios to please at least a large part of the community and everyone who was waiting for the mod!
      - Do you intend to create a specific world of your own with provinces, terrain types and continents so that the mod will originally become yours?
      Yes, using a base game pattern is not something I like very much, but it will have to be that way in the beta version, but later on I plan to change it!
      Mod will be open for you to decide and comment your ideas!
      some pictures...


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