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    • By HawkerSP
      Hello everyone
      This is basically a remake and submod of Fate of World R.E created by Kerems and his development team.
      This submod is focused in the XX and XXI century in which there will be many events and alternative history.
      - A lot of events
      - fixed scenarios
      - new music
      - 471 new provinces (4740 provinces in total)
      - new leaders
      - new scenarios with events
      - some cities renown
      -new icons
      -Focus trees
      -new civilizations
      -and more!
      Discord: https://discord.gg/snSvsxdHgt
      (Teasers, Achievements, Suggestions, bugs report a more in the discord)
      What's new?
      Version 0.0.1:
      β€’Mod released
      Version Alpha 0.0.2:
      β€’Fixed Communist Ideology
      Version 1.0.0:
      Β β€’ Focus tree was added in the 1936 scenario to the United States, United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Japan.
      Β β€’ The Second Pacific War was added in "The Old Order"
      Β β€’ Peruvian victory in the northern war in "The Old Order" fixed
      Β β€’ Added an option to redraw France after the German victory over the United Kingdom
      Β β€’ Added new events for "The Old Order"
      Β β€’ Central America was added in "The Old Order" and its civil war
      Β β€’ The southern war was added in "The Old Order"
      Β β€’ Now like France you can ask for an armistice with Germany instead of being Free France
      Β β€’ New events for Germany in 1936
      Β β€’ New events in 1941 and 1942
      Β β€’ Added some hoi4 images for focus trees
      Β β€’ Events added for Chile, Argentina and Peru were added in "The Old Order"
      Β β€’ New fascist way for the United Kingdom on 1936 scenario
      Β β€’ New Reichskommissariats were added
      Β β€’ Added TNO civilizations
      Β β€’ New scenario: The New Order (beta)
      Β β€’ New scenario: The West Russian War (beta)
      Β β€’ New scenario: The Second West Russian War (beta)
      Β β€’ New scenario: 1939 with events
      Β β€’ Changed the name of Volgograd to Stalingrad
      Β β€’ The effects of land types were changed
      Β β€’ Soviet surrender was fixed in 1936
      Β β€’ Soviet surrender was added in 1941
      Β β€’ Added a new seabed in the map
      Β β€’ Fixed Zaolzie bug
      Β β€’ Japan was nerfed on the 1936 scenario
      Β β€’ The flag of the Iberian Union was changed
      Β β€’ The Spanish civil war was fixed
      Β β€’ New portrait for FDR
      Β β€’ New portrait for Benito Mussolini
      Β β€’ Fixed some cores
      Β β€’ Minor fixes
      Β β€’ Minor change to the UI on the PC version
      Β β€’New icon for Mobile version
      Β β€’ Light optimization
      Β β€’ and more!
      Download links:
      Β (1.0.0) PC:
      Β (1.0.0) Android:
      Β Why 1.0.0?
      Β -Because the mod is no longer in Alpha

      Β Β 

      Β  Β  Β Β 
    • By Italian PeC
      One of the periods highly Ignored by AoH2 modders is the Napoleonic Era. There is currently no mod with This 12-15 year old period as the focus, and after the success of Age of Imperialism (which was focused on 1815-1870), it's time to change thisΒ and to start to look at the time right behind it.
      The mod includes new features and events, just look down to get a taste of them:

    • By Alemanha Ball
      OlΓ‘, este cenΓ‘rio estΓ‘ em 1700 anos
      civilizations_editor.rar scenarios.rar

    • By Reich Chancellor Alexander
      there aren't any events in here..so anywho here's the preview and the download link.
      download link:Β The eighteen hundreds.rar
    • By Mr.Anti-Lolicon
      Choose how you want my next scenario!
      Comment in this thread your ideas for this scenario or for possible projects further down the road!
      (Warning!!) : I will leave this poll open until the 12th of this month, after that I will work on the mod!
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