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The Last Millenium: New version: 1.0.1 released (2/13/2022) (dead mod)

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12 hours ago, Fbtbtbrbrtbth said:

Hello, could you add these following islands to the game? That would be much appreciated.





1. what island is it

2. Ok, but the island will be more bigger

3. Ok

4. What island is it

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19 hours ago, HawkerSP said:

1. what island is it

2. Ok, but the island will be more bigger

3. Ok

4. What island is it

The first island is the kerguelen island, and the second one is the chagos island archipelago. I have one more thing, could you also add the jan mayen island in northern europe?

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4 hours ago, Cameroon (saint) Emperor said:

My suggestion for new provinces, if you add these your mod is officially the best

Texas Annexation - Wikipedia - Texas Independence Map ...165px-Evolution_of_Franco-Italian_border.jpgValle d’Aosta – AVIworld war one - Was it not clear to the WWI allies that ...Jak velmoci zradily Kurdy a Asyřany: Rusko a Francie, 1918 ...File:Sykes-Picot Agreement He.svg - Wikimedia CommonsRobs Webstek: The Emirate of Cyrenaicahttps://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/91/Administrative_division_of_the_Polish-Lithuanian_Commonwealth_in_1764.pngAtlas of the Democratic Republic of the Congo - Wikimedia ...Map-of-North-Africa.png.412a62a9f5c1a5f60d8fffd3f1262204.png800px-Province_de_Luxembourg_in_Belgium.svg.png3d5f6ebea8d0ef39fb6f4a337859c491.pngParques nacionales de Etiopía - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libreimages - 2021-01-24T111111.823.jpeg460462457_21-6-202122.9_10.thumb.png.1f8cee45c19d339f87b1766d31342a96.pngFile:Axis occupation of Yugoslavia 1943-44.png - Wikipediaimágenes? q = tbn: ANd9GcTjPyK3yZ_jBXzae4Sz7uJmap-of-india-political.pngRP 2.pngRP 1.pngFile:The Aanglo-Russian Convention of 1907, settled the partition of Iran.png  - Wikimedia Commonsdownloadd.jpg350px-First_Mexican_Empire_(orthographic_projection)_svg.png.0a8dc133e094ed592b4726226d5c7fa6.png800px-Brazil_Labelled_Map_svg.png.76c7c53b262c1efb621224d8b60f5fbd.pngdownload.png.e43c93e45ed9bd89fcb31d1d4e0b35fa.pngcomment_9Fxe49Jl92E7jFy3XNU4COwUW8CoLeSw.jpgimage.png.a16194fe34734f03d5a140d75ab69311.pngHistoire de la Bulgarie — WikipédiaKhédivat d'Égypte — WikipédiaAfrica_1914.jpg.8b662f8a6724fa299c4bf000a7c5ae52.jpg257940854_27-6-20219_48_23.png.fbe33fa1f908ac95bc0090a7497c63c1.pngInked4lgw533likk61_LI.jpg.42d204de9d6628193f4dfd4b40c413d6.jpgimage.jpeg.5c7aec782668e31ea7ced1ed257036f2.jpegOttoman Tripolitania - Wikiwand63236401_25-6-202119_25_18.png.39819bb96413d6f54c87bae489bd4449.png9dbcdbfc5d4008f5f4034e7b1b5dc4ff.jpgmapofflorida.0.jpgUpdated: Republic of Illyria 1914-1945 : AlternateHistorycaucasus-political-map.png









german_empire_1905.pngListe des commanderies templières en Vallée d'Aoste — WikipédiaElba - Wikipediapolitically-loaded maps: red-headed steppe children - The Something Awful  Forums

I can't answer everything but more than half will be I will add it

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    • By OhPancake
      Hello dear friends !
      Here you can find my 1800 scenario !
      Hope you enjoy it !


      Featuring new civilizations :
      Wadai (By TheWarMonger)
      Sennar (By TheWarMonger)
      Jaipur State
      Bikaner State
      Bundi State
      First (French) Republic
      Landgrave of Hesse-Darmstadt
      Landgrave of Hesse Kassel (v3 only)
      Duchy of Saxe-Weimar (v3 only)
      Duchy of Saxe-Saafeld (v3 only)
      Duchy of Westphalia
      Subalpine Republic
      Helvetic Republic
      Ligurian Republic
      Viceroyalty of Brazil (v3 only)
      Viceroyalty of Rio de la Plata (v3 only)
      Viceroyalty of New Granada (v3 only)
      Grand Duchy Of Berg (event only)
      Kingdom of Holland (event only)
      Empire of Haïti (event only)
      Bourbons Restauration (event only)
      Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel (event only)
      Update 3 New civilizations (No event only)
       Duchy of Saxe-Saafeld ; Duchy of Saxe-Weimar ; Landgrave of Hesse Kassel
      Viceroyalty of Rio de la Plata ; Viceroyalty of New Granada ; viceroyalty of Brazil
      Download link :
      >> HERE <<
    • By FlyingScout
      Just a small scenario I made, it has no events. {Apologies for the split files, I don't know how to make them all appear as one ):}
      The source I had for this scenario was mainly Emperor Tigerstar and a few other anonymous sources.


      1652234081581imwiwlpz 1652234081581imwiwlpz_A 1652234081581imwiwlpz_C 1652234081581imwiwlpz_D 1652234081581imwiwlpz_HRE 1652234081581imwiwlpz_INFO.json 1652234081581imwiwlpz_PD 1652234081581imwiwlpz_W 1652234081581imwiwlpz_E
    • By Hazen

      Recently I had an idea to do, I noticed that there are a lot of WW2 or Hoi4 mods on the forum anyway, so I had the idea to make a scenario with a real history events in 1939-1945. I know this is a big plan, and they fail quickest, especially if is done alone. It will probably take a long time, anyway project will be available when I do Europe and America complete enough 
      Current goal:
      -basic events in WW2 in Europe and North America
      For this scenario I am based on this mod, I really liked the new governance models and the simple map (author, if you don't want me to use your mod please write me):
      Below text is actual progress of scanario, 
      I will update it whenever I can 
      - better tlanslate and matched photos for events
      - added more events for Europe from 1936 to early 1939
      - basic events preceding World War 2 are complete

    • By Ahinev
      Hello there! A few days ago i decided to make a map for this game that is bigger than vanilla but also looks like vanilla. So here i am with my plans right now. I'm open to suggestions!
      - Map will be focused on WW2 and Modern World
      - Currently drew 2373 provinces (Each red mark is a province)

    • By Giorgio
      This mod contains: 
      A huge map of africa with 2818 provinces, 308 cities, 18 scenarios, 26 Formable Civilizations
      Some of the scenarios are:
      Modern Day
      States of The Union of South Africa
      French Colonial Provinces
      Russian invasion of Sagallo
      Victorian Era
      The first boer War
      The Italo-Ethiopian War 
      The Libyan Civil War 
      And Others..
      Also there is a second map where the Sahara is a giant plain (with the same amount of provinces of the first map) 
      [feature removed]
      here's some screenshot: 

      Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IWHW8TPX7JmAYxkttjKsecBUdLvK7izg/view?usp=sharing
      Old Version Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RrMV7SVCpVLdBM0VgIe3DHPqApKdY7y9/view?usp=sharing
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