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Age of Civilizations
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    • By Beter Griffin
      Hey guys, Beter here.
      I would like to say that I'm working on a map based off of the one in Hearts of Iron 4!
      It will feature the two scenarios in the game along with many others that I like to make!
      I expect it to come out within a month but no promises!
      Provinces: probably 10000+ 
      Scenarios planned: 1936, 1939, Modern Day
      Latest progress update:
      I lost the data so I will reset the development
      Check my progress here https://trello.com/b/9c7RLqdF/aocii-hoi4-map

    • By Ilovethisgame2
      Where are you from?
    • By kam1395
      Firstly  - My English is weak, I know  😕
      Secondly - I want create my first Scenerio, where one Province = one nation 
      In addition, all nations is parri passu weak, example system is tribe, 0.05 tech, Economy Lvl 0, Money at the beginning =0, Army =0
      Do you have tips? How make a fast and good it? 
    • By Tincho987
      Hi guys, it's me back, I bring you a new scenario in its version 1.0.
      (Ironic text)
      Are you tired of left-handers (Marxists and fascists) being everywhere? I propose you this great mod! A mod that leaves the leftist paraplegic!
      Content 1.0:
      - there are only 3 ideologies: Libertarism/liberalism (in Latin-America), Conervativism and Nationalism (original, no fascist).
      - Technologics levels +65
      - New flags in some countries.
      - Three world powers: USA (Libertarism), UK (Conservativism) and China (Nationalism).
      - 100% Republics and Democracy, no monarchy.
      Historical Context:
      In the Second World War, the USSR and allies along with the axis powers formed an alliance between national socialists and international socialists, after that, many countries in Latin America and the Middle East joined with the allies to defeat the collectivism that emanated from the collectivist alliance of the Soviet axis.
      The fascists and Marxists were defeated by the overwhelming superiority of the allies.

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