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Age of Civilizations
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    • By Suzema
      Bloody Europe II - it's a mod with a huge map of Europe.

      In these mod is:

      -Big map of Europe (maybe 1k-2k provinces)
      -Large count of scenarios from antic times to modern
      -New music, sounds, icons and fonts
      -Some new civilizations, form civs and unions

      Mod has been released! Actual version - 0.1B
      If you want download link, go to the page 3 of this topic

      Mine group in VK- firstovinc

      My first mod project - Age of Elder Scrolls

    • By Beter Griffin
      Oh no! Most of the world has died! The only place left is Africa thanks to them blessing the rains.
      But, now other countries are colonizing Africa again in order to continue existing.
      Will you colonize or defend Africa?
      Also, Peter wins the lottery a lot.
      1559982130600hebbllcd.zip Leaders.zip
    • By Голубь Голубок
      I started to make a new mod. It's mod in the universe of Mount&Blade Warband In this mod i plan: New map of the Calradia with ~ 1000 provinces New background New music New civilizations New scenarios We are in VK - https://vk.com/ageofmountblade

    • By Голубь Голубок
      Papers, Please! - this mod takes you to the universe of Papers, Please! You have to take control one of eight countries to lead her to victory
      In this mod we plan:
      * Four Scenarios
      * Events
      * Map from Papers Please with 566 provinces
      * New civilizations (Antegria,Republia,Kolechia, etc..)
      * New interface
      Precently, in the mod planned only Russian language, but soon we plan translate it on the English too

      We are in VK -  https://vk.com/ageofmountblade
    • By Armolitskiy
      New Ideologies/governments New icons for events
      New formable civilizations
      At the moment there are very few formable civilizations, but you can help me with your ideas.
      I hope for your help. Also, it will be very good if someone helps to improve this mod.
        Ideologies/governments: 8
      Icons for events: 7
      Formable civilizations: 4

      The following things I would like to add: scenarios flags for new and old governments leaders fonts (?) music (?) and more... (?) Download: Armolitskiy's AOC2 MOD.zip
      Looks like Addon +
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