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Age of Civilizations
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    • By Nicolas_Utópico
      Ideologies inspired by a change in the heart of iron 4 called Kaiserreich
      -Social Democracy
      -libertarian socialism
      -Radical Socialist
      -Revolutionary Communism
      -National Populist
      -Paternal Autocracy
      -New image for democracy
      Download Link:

    • By kurontos
      Help. I want to create my own ideology and I do not know how to do it.
    • By SteampunkMaverick12
      How do you download Bloody Europe II without replacing the main game files
    • By Gheovgos
      Hi guys. This mod makes time slower for each turn, mostly in ancient scenario. Now, this mod replace time passed from 30 days to 7 days in every scenario. 
    • By Suzema
      Bloody Europe II - it's a mod with a huge map of Europe.

      In these mod is:

      -Big map of Europe (maybe 1k-2k provinces)
      -Large count of scenarios from antic times to modern
      -New music, sounds, icons and fonts
      -Some new civilizations, form civs and unions

      Mod has been released! Actual version - 0.1B
      If you want download link, go to the page 3 of this topic

      Mine group in VK- firstovinc

      My first mod project - Age of Elder Scrolls

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