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(2250/7500 Provinces) Conquerors v2.0: Remastered (W.I.P)

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2 minutes ago, sayit mercan said:

başkentlerin daha zor alınması için birşeyler yapabilir misiniz

We'll put 2 level castles to capitals.

46 minutes ago, I am Hitler said:

Very good bro


1 hour ago, arda.brsa said:

In other versions of mode, Bosnia and Herzegovina's capital was Tuzla. But in real life it is Sarajevo. Pls fix it

Will be fixed.

1 hour ago, MUNIOR said:

More states mean longer tour passes. Can you optimize?

We'll optimize. Don't worry.

1 hour ago, ronay_ege said:

suriye libya iç savaşları olsun yeni sürümde

There will be two modern world scenarios. Modern World and Modern World+. Modern World+ will include civil wars.

1 hour ago, eofmapping said:

Hello! Will you add Liechtestein to Conquerors v2.0?


I don't think. But there will be Andorra and Monaco.


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3 minutes ago, Aryan79 said:

I wish the best for you and for your mod, kerem. 


8 minutes ago, wbladew5 said:

Brother Kerem, can you add the hala ib triangle for Egypt (disputed territory of Sudan) and the disputed area between Sudan and South Sudan. 

I think I can. Thanks for suggestion.

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