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Age of Civilizations

Medieval age Scenarios (683~1429)

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6 minutes ago, PLe2 said:

ok i permit that. leader has effect in AOC2, can i set that? I think that leader is civlization's feature.

thanks, I just want to clarify that the mod only replaces the leaders, nothing more, I will not modify your maps.

Regarding the leaders, in the game they have a very limited use, which makes them immortal, and so that they can be on the map that you want, you must modify your birth date, either by doing it before, or after the date real.

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3 hours ago, PLe2 said:

Update!!,I add  event in 1429 scenario.if you find bugs,idea,please tell me.

The events are very good!

What's your idea on next scenario? Viking Age?

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27 minutes ago, Istria said:

Wow the detail level is insane! There are so many formable nations available, it has given me so much goal when playing(eg. Reform Western Roman Empire with Papal States)


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2 hours ago, Istria said:

You should create a special kind of republic to differentiate Italian merchant republics from modern republic, and maybe add Monastic Feudal for Tibetan kingdoms?

Ok, Good idea.

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Christian Kingdom

Christian Duchy

Christian County

Islamic Sultanate

Islamic Caliphate

Islamic Emirate

Pagan Kingdom / Duchy / County

Heretical Kingdom / Duchy / County

Excommunicated Kingdom / Duchy / County

I'm sure there are many more options but I'm a bit rushed for time at present.

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4 hours ago, PLe2 said:

No, after 2 weeks. I am so busy

That's fine, I'm happy to wait.......

FYI I honestly think that your scenarios should be packaged with the game because (aside from 2 minor errors*) they are perfect & 'well rounded'

* The region of Spain you call Murica should be Murcia, also for some reason some of the maps show 2 cities called Besancon (in different regions).

Otherwise yours are the VERY BEST scenario's that I've seen!

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1 hour ago, TimDee58 said:

* The region of Spain you call Murica should be Murcia, also for some reason some of the maps show 2 cities called Besancon (in different regions).

my civilizations  have some typing errors like french bloris. this scenario has more than 600 custom civilizations.  I will correct that.

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      I've decided to make this mod in addon+, because it adds more civilizations and it fixes a bug that is in the base game where the game freezes if you go to a certain point in the future.
      Personally, I recommend you spectate this scenario as it can be really entertaining seeing certain nations rise and fall. However, I'm not stopping you from playing the scenario yourself.

      Heres a few things you should know before downloading:
      1 - Certain nations are excluded from this scenario like the USA, Canada, and Brazil because I thought it would be interesting to include the states as tribes instead. I didn't do this with every nation though, so you can still play as country's like France, Australia, and South Africa.
      2 - Addon+ includes the Canadian provinces as playable civs, but for some reason they don't have names in the base mod. Because of this, I've taken it upon myself to fix these names. The name patch will come with the mod. I've also decided to fix some of the Brazilian state names because of a bug that occurs with some states, like Paraná for example. You see Addon+ uses a unique font that I think replaces the old one, however this font doesn't have characters for words like "á" so if you play the game and look at a nation like Paraná that has an "á" in it's name the game can't render it because it doesn't appear as a character in the font so instead of "Paraná" it will say "Paran". I decided to fix this bug by replacing the "á" with an "a" so that way it can look more proper in game.
      3 - There is a bug that can happen in this scenario with AI games, I call this bug the "Anarchist rebels" bug. Basically, sometimes if a rebellion happens instead of the rebels forming into a new country instead the rebels will just disappear and the land they occupied will become neutral land. Something even stranger about this bug is if you look at the land that the rebels use to occupy then you'll see a star on a province, as if its a capital of a nation even though theres no country in that land. Theres no way I know of fixing this bug so you'll just have to deal with it during AI only games.
      4 - This mod doesn't download to your game files automatically. You have to mainly put the mod files in the game files. They're will be some tutorial note pads in the mod files that will tell you where to put them.
      5 - World Leaders not included, sorry.
      So that was everything you had to know. I hope you enjoy this mod!
      Heres a download link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1a08INgsdAFO-szwGTQqk-Ijrw5RNFJ55
      Make sure to have the latest version of Addon+ installed before setting this up!
      Also, as for the 1960s cold war scenario, sorry that progress has been so stagnant. I've been taking a bit of a break from AoC2 as I've started to get a little bored of the game. I've also been working on other personal projects other than AoC2. I still wanna finish the mod and I promise to release it sometime this year. 
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