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Medieval age Scenarios (683~1429)

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I want roman empire scenario. 

1.a city state of rome (BC500-300?).

2.punic wars//Macedonian Wars ,etc...(BC300-200?).

3.roman social war(supartcus and Caesar ,etc. ).

4.romam civil wars.

5.age of five good emperors.

6.great migration of german people(due to Hun).

7.decision into West and East .

8.call of west roman empire(including territory of  Syagrius(empire??))

(9.age of solder emperors)




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50 minutes ago, Istria said:

Whats the next update going to be?

I will fix bug next weak. I have a test three weeks later, so 772 ,formable_civs and leader will update after test.

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7 hours ago, PLe2 said:

I will fix bug next weak. I have a test three weeks later, so 772 ,formable_civs and leader will update after test.

Good luck to you, I have a test the day after tomorrow too

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22 hours ago, TANTAN said:

What is the next update ?

I want more events such as, crusade ,Great Heathen Army (viking invation )etc...



I add more event after make all scenario.

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On 7/1/2019 at 2:37 AM, thegamertore said:

Do you think you will do an antiquity era scenario?

No,i dont have time.

20 minutes ago, TANTAN said:
By the way, when is the beginning of the middle age?

6 Century ~ 15 Century

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On 7/3/2019 at 8:17 PM, TANTAN said:

I want the age of discovery scenario!!

That is good,But I make this scenarios

2 hours ago, Istria said:

When's 814 and 750 coming? 

Soon. I am making 750 scenario and adding France, Seljuk Papal leaders.

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      2- Extract with WINrar
      3- Place the folder in: Age of civilizations / map / earth + / scenario (place there)
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