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Age of Civilizations
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  • Similar Content

    • By MarerjhAdditionalAccount
      VERSION 1.1!!!
      I created for you few scenaries for a map from AoC1:
      USA Brazil Cold war Soviet Union World War II World War I Victorian Era Napoleonic wars Fall of Mongol Empire Kievan Rus' --> DOWNLOAD FOR PC <--

      Unzip the zip file Move the files to the "game folder / map / Earth_AoC1 / scenarios" How-To-Update:
      Replace past scenario files with new ones. If you have ideas for a scenario or see a mistake - comment! 😛
      Version 1.1:
      4 new scenarios  

    • By AlphaStar
      You can cringe but you can't not play this (at least when I publish it). Anyways this is literally random, I plastered random civilizations around the regular world map and  you might probably see that from the photos. Might be a few memes here and there.
      Currently Finalizing I'll publish it when I figure out how to publish it and when I'm done finalizing it.
      Umm I guess that's it? I'll also start working on an alternate future WW3 scenario thing that I was thinking about on my 3 week vacation to Europe that I got back from 2 weeks ago.

    • By Shrimpy5678
      I know that there's a million of these already, but here's my cold war scenario. I haven't added anything aside from the countries. Please give me suggestions if there are any inaccuracies. 
      Copy & Paste the file into the Age of Civilizations 2 > map > Earth > scenarios folder (in case you didn't know)

    • By Jone
      Soo i've done this scenario, with 30+ events, this scenario is not meant to be 100% historically accurate but its fun to play!
      Feel free to leave comments and ideas to edit this!
      Here's a zip version of it:
      And a rar:
      and some screeshots of it:


      [UPDATE]: 1.1
      -Added some new events including peace between finland and soviet union
      -Removed finland from Axis
      -Balanced army sizes in Operation Barbarossa
      -Much more
      [UPDATE] 1.11
      -Fixed couple events
      -Gave german territories in africa to Vichy France
      -Gave every country about 20% more economy
    • By alisaoc
      Features -
      - More than 100 events
      - Countries poor
      - Technology poor
      - New states in Anatolia
      - Byzantine, Huns, Nazi Germany and many countries returned
      - Leaders Update ( For example, the leader of nazi Germany in 2019, rocky suhayda )
      - New diseases
      - Diseases kill fast
      - Economy & Population growth -100
      - Revolt in many countries
      - Fascism-communism war in South America
      - Fascism-communism war in Africa
      - and more
      Screenshot -

      Let the Turks read: I'm sorry, our scenario is crisis and collapse, so Kurdistan in Anatolia
      Türkler okusun: Üzgünüm beyler, senaryo kriz ve çöküş olduğu için kürdistan biraz büyük, kusura bakmayın.
      Important: After about 100 laps, new revolts and new states, the map varies a lot
      Updates -
      0.9.2 -> 28 new events / bugfix / Byzantine, Mongolian, Hun empire active
      all other updates -> new events, bugfixs, leaders update, and more
      Download Link -
      oh yeah yeah.zip
      Only one person makes this scenario... but better than a team !!!
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