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A Montanan

Age Of Civilizations III [If You Want More Leaks And Information Go To My Discord Server For AoH] DEVELOPMENT PAUSED FOR NOW, MOD IS NOT DEAD

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Age Of Civilizations III Is A Union Of The Age Of Nations And Mega Mod


999999999999999 Provinces

New Civilizations

More Ideologies

More Flags

MORE Scenarios

Bloody Europe Codes

Still Planned !

Adding Never Gonna Give You Up In Music

More Civilizations

Age Of Civilizations III Is Made By A Montanan And PHZanoniGamer

Download Of Early Alpha


All New U.S State Flags


Should I Add Some Hearts Of Iron IV U.I? Please Vote

Discord Server [I Update There More]


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4 minutes ago, PHZanoniGamer said:

The remaster ended up being even worse ahha

I might as well try to fix this mess and try to make it like the original, when i have more free time

If You're Trying To Get The Original Map Send Me The Map Or The Original Mod As I'd Like To Have The 16K Province Map, Well I'm Going To See If I Can Add More Suggested Civilizations On The Map

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1 hour ago, A Montanan said:

Do You Know --- Version, I Can't Extract 7.z Files With M.T Manager

Use zarchiver (i just found this) and also only bloofy europe 1.1.8 or lower codes will work 1.1.9 or highet will not with my tutorial

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