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Age of Civilizations
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    • By m4ri4no
      Scenario of the Napoleonic wars but, if Napoleon defeats Russia, England and Spain (after 1812) Discord: VETEREN CAT #7822
    • By Onix
      It is the year 1812 and the Age of Revolution.Napoleon defeated the British and occupied the British Isles.
      Queen Elizabeth III fled to the Americas after being forced to abdicate.Napoleon founds the European Union
      with himself as the acting president.
      Napoleon defeated the British for now.Will Britannia rise again or will this be their last page of history?
      Only time will tell...
      Hello guys this is my first Scenario that I made : Code Geass 1812 
      It is a Code Geass prequel (kind of).



    • By DiamondDude5
      Most people in the last poll wanted me to do the American Revolution, so here you go.

      I tried to make the borders as historical as possible, also there's no events since that will take forever to fully understand. 
      The American Revolution.zip
    • By WUWU897
      So, This mod, like the title says, makes the What if Napoleon Won scenario. But you may notice some strange things, a few things have happened:
      America joined the side of Napoleon
      Sweden joined the side of Napoleon.
      You may notice other things, if you don't know why, tell me.
      Also, Napoleon, after the war, decided to invade the Ottomans, because he was "afraid" of them taking over after him.
      Napoleon decides to split up British India.
      If you want to know something, again, then tell me.
      Download Link: 1546021653374rozzoiqg.zip
      Just get the file in the .zip file and put it in your Scenario folder.
      ---New Update--- (new link above)
      Pictures will be below (idk what to call it, the comments?)
      -------NEW UPDATE (1.1.1)-------------
      Added some Events
      Added Balkan Wars
      Added American civil War (in 1949)
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