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On 5/20/2022 at 8:48 PM, ImboredSoooBored said:

OK But Can You Lanch, Take Or Give Nukes By Events Or Must It Be Done Manually And Can You Start With Nukes?

I haven't made the events and the bomb editor yet. But there are commands
nuclear weapons

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    • By ivr17
      Developement progress: vse normalno
      ASC (Addon SC) - the union of two advanced modifications, developing game in all directions.
      The new merged mod will include:
      • 2 detailed maps
      - Survia 3.0 5000+ provinces (planned)
      - Survia 2.0 ~3000 provinces 
      - Development of landscapes and other map elements
      - Lots of new rivers
      - Administrative borders of many countries of the world
      • Over 60 scenarios for maps!
      • More new states! Both historical and alternative
      • A huge number of formable states!
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      I present to your attention a new mod.
      Advanced Audio

      This mod changes the audio menu, adds new buttons and the ability to select tracks!
      The modification removes shuffle when switching music
      Adds a new button "<<", this button allows you to switch music to the previous one.
      It also adds a "Playlist" button, this button
      leads to the track selection menu, where you can select your favorite track.
      1.Unpack archive,
      2.Open folder "Semiautomatic"
      3.Open and read Readme!.txt

      Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mh6uXNLhTnGhlwqGx0xN0tgkQj-EGjLI/view?usp=sharing (Fixed Version)
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