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Age of Civilizations

City Names - Concept

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So apparently even though if you conquer a province their cities' names dont change

so I think we need to fix this problem

I have two separate ideas:

(I am using Gdansk as an example since its easier. no offense intended)

1: lets say Germany reannexed Gdansk. Then the city name changes to Danzig right after the peace treaty.

2: Germany reannexed Gdansk, but the name changes to Danzig after assimilation.

But what if (for example) the US conquers Gdansk?

Then the name would still remain as Gdansk since its also the English name for the city.

Is this idea good? or is it unnecessary?

Leave the ideas/suggestions below.


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It's really huge work that must be done to create a database of every city with every its name in different cultures. So it's not important. It's way better to improve diplomacy/waging war by AI, than such things)

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