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Age of Civilizations
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Łukasz Jakowski

Location of Translations

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I wanted to make small joke "MemEnglish" but there is a lot of stuff to translate :V

my favories:
ExitGame = Download Editor
NewGame = I wanna start new life!
Tutorial = Mode for n00bs
Achievements = Things you achieved in life
HallofFame = Hall of Shame
Statistics = One death is tragedy, but dead of milions is statistics
StartGame = New Life
Beginner = N00B
Normal = CASUAL
Hard = That guy, she says to not worry about
Extreme = Badass
Legendary = Łukasz Jakowski

Classic = Alpha
ProvinceOwnershipIsKnownButSoldiersCanOnlyBeSeenInAdjacentProvinces = This is the point, i started drinking, while translating it...

Discovery = Beta
TheWorldIsCoveredByFogCivilizationsMustBeDiscoveredBeforeTheyCanBeInteractedWith = This is the point, I started realising that my life doesn't work.

Undiscovered = Gamma
UndiscoveredProvince = Discovered Province
UndiscoveredCivilization = Discovered Countrie... roads! take me homee


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