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    • By KotE
      WAŻNE cyferki wżuć do folderu civilization editor
      1861 wojna secesyjna mapa świata.rar

    • By Oxix_Polska
      Chciałbym jakieś CIEKAWE pomysły na scenariusze do AoC II
    • By Oxix_Polska
      Znacie jakieś POLSKIE scenariusze do AoC II? (Najlepiej z wyborami)
    • By TaDziK
      I'm creating my new scenario. He tells an alternative story of World War I in which no one won. Germany divided into small countries (mostly democratic). Austria became an extremely fascist German Reich. The Russian civil war ended with the intervention of the Entente's army, as a result of which new countries emerged, for example Ukraine, Rus and Syberia.
      Soviet Russia is much weakened, among other things, because it lost the Caucasus.
      France has lost all of its colonies, Britain has become the world's dominator and the US has become an absolute monarchy (the result of the civil war of 1916-1918).
      It does not give links because the scenario is not finished. Sorry for my English i'm from Poland :P

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