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Description to New Napoleonic Reich mod!

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  1. What is NNR?
    New napoleonic reich is an aoh 2 mod which adds many features, sencarios and events ,etc. to the game which is currently in progress.
    NNR adds 23 new sencarios to the game, which most of them includes many events ,however there are 3 main sencarios that include most of the events and attentions those sencarios are:
    Kaiserreich (1936) a popular alternative history where the central powers win world war 1
    Napoleon order (1936) : a sencario where france would have tottaly won the napoleonic wars and became the greatest power on earth, however, 100 years later troubles began to come for the french empire
    The new order (1962) an alternative sencario where the axis would win the second world war but now they have to deal with many problems
    These scenarios are the main focus of the mod and will have most of the events ,for example, the kaiserreich sencario is planned to have 1000+ events only for the sencario.And the rest of the sencarios which arent main scenarios would have at least 25 events each.
    The NNR also plans to add more content to the game by adding more civilisations, formables, leaders,flags etc. For example at the moment 200 new leaders and 400 new flags have been added which will be more soon as the game development goes on. Here is the list of the sencarios added by NNR mod:
    -Fall of Rome (476)
    -The New Millennium (1000)
    -The Threat from the Steppes (1273)
    -Brothers' War (1292)
    -The New Chapter of the East (1569)
    -Qing-Ming War (1644)
    -Napoleon Hegemony (1812)
    -Return of Napoelon (1815)
    -Spring of Peoples (1848)
    -The January Uprising (1862)
    -Birth of a New Power (1870) -
    Great War (1910)
    -Russian Civil War (1919)
  2. [18:01]
    -Zhili-Fengtain War (1926)
    -Kaiserriech (1936)
    -Napoelon Order (1936)
    -The Fall of the Kuomintang (1948)
    -Cold War (1949)
    - Vietnam War (1955)
    -New Order (1962)
    -Fall of the Iron Curtain (1991)
    -Syrian Civil War (2016)
    -Polish Universe of the World (Surprise)
    Join our discord to find out about the development of the mod more https://discord.gg/qwTebfwU

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On 2.09.2022 at 18:25, FrankReich Mod said:

It's more of a coincidence ... I've been creating a mod for 3 months and there has never been a problem with it ...
The name "New Napoleonic Reich" refers to the three main scenarios: "Kaisereich", "NapoleonicOrder" and "New Order" ...

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After a short but one-sided discussion, we officially announce the "New Napoleonic Reich" mod beta!
 Nothing is known about the release date yet, but be sure the development team is able to release the mod!

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