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The Old Era: An Age of History Two Mod - 0.2.1 (Kaiser's Will)

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The Old Era



Im relatively new to the modding community here, but I have been working on a project... actually more of a fever dream.

That project is The Old Era, a mod which asks the question "What if a mod creator threw a bunch of formable nations on a map and made a story around it?" Im proud to say that the answer to that is something completely nonsensical, but something I hope has a good story and will make people scratch their heads at.

Currently, I have just entered the Kaiser's Will stage of developement - this means I plan on having the first public alpha (link will be in the discord) in 2-3 months.

Because of this, i am looking for ideas for country event trees, with more info on the discord:

Discord: https://discord.gg/E7ZNZQQEPJ

[Pyroitz!] Nestor Makhno


(This is some of the nonsense I mentioned earlier... and a teaser)

Screenshot_20220904-093708_Fate of World RE.jpg

Here is a teaser for Afrika807330943_Screenshot_20221114-201622_FateofWorldRE.thumb.jpg.ae106ec45030a44a834a9c0aec44f949.jpg

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Today, I started working on events for Europe's dominant power, the Großdeutscher Bund.


The Bund will consist of 7 component states in an alliance: The Deutches Kaiserreich, led by the Militaristic Fredrick III von Hohenzollen, is the current leader of the bund, with elections taking place every four years to determine the Leader of the Bund.


In the Kaiserreich's event tree, you will be able to lead the Großdeutscher Bund in one of three directions:

1) Federalization, and the proclemation of the Großdeutches Kaiserreich;

2) To the Collapse of the Bund, leading its component states to break away and a bloody German civil war to begin

3) The Status quo can be maintained.


The Kaiserreich will also have colonies in Africa and the Middle East, which decisions on the homefront will either lead to their growth and survival - or their collapse.


-----------[PROGRESS CHECK FINISHED]-----------


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Not much new this week, just a progress log.

- Started adding leaders to the Großdeutscher Bund and its component states

- Began work on portraits for said leaders (if anyone can provide any help that would be fantastic)

- Continued to work on the events for the Kaiserreich's colonies

Next week, I hope to do more - school is starting to pick up, and with that means I have less time to work. However, I hope that I will be able to continue working, and thanks to all of the people that have joined the discord for the flags and some ideas - that has been a lifesaver.

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On 9/15/2022 at 3:54 AM, HitlersArmChair said:

Nice to see someone still active. Please add Na** Germany to the main scenario.

There will be an Ultranat faction during the collapse of the Bund, but they wont be those guys.

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