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Age of Iron ( A Hoi4 based mod)

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Age of Iron

Made by @Xjento.

This mod is for people who can't afford hoi4, a good pc or even a pc. The mod will introduce focus trees to AoH2 in a almost perfect way.

If your asking "how did you do it" here is the answer : too hard to explain video will be made later.

This mod includes

-HOI4 focus trees

-HOI4 research trees

-HOI4 based UI

-HOI4 portraits

-HOI4 events 
-TNO codes 

Leaks are posted on the discord : https://discord.gg/AbTA7DSvc7

Q and A:

- how do i help, You can based of your talent
- Why don' t my focus trees don't work anymore, you didn't meet the requirements

Scenarios 882377491_Schermopname(91).thumb.png.882c9726381595970bf59d49a675d7db.png760093453_Schermopname(92).thumb.png.b6bf010eeea8f449a1e4d5e0cf0cda8e.png55223256_Schermopname(93).thumb.png.18c44c71fd3e18db433d403b7041e162.png

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14 hours ago, Kerguelen Mapping said:

How many focus trees do you want?

When is release date?

How many focus trees have you completed?


1 most in the hoi4 base game with dlc

It already has been released

I currently have 0 fully completed

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