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    • By Nationalism Is Strength
      Hi, I played the Conquerors II mod and wanted to improve the graphics, so I made a background and font mod for Conquerors II
      Open "Map_Mod.rar"  with WinRAR or any other software that can open .rar files
      Then Drag and drop contents of Folder into Conqueors II directory.
      Version 1 Download (Less Terrain)
      Version 2 Download (More Terrain)
      Version 3 Download(More Vegetation)
      Version 4 download (Newer)
      Victoria 2 Background Mod (Version 5)
      Version 6 (Favourite)
      Version 1 (Less Terrain)


      Version 3 (Vegetation, EU4 Style)

      Version 4: (Picture Below)
      Version 5

    • By Cipexda
      Post in English and Spanish ☕ 
      A mod in which I will try to add maps, civilizations, scenarios, events, governments, flags and much more. 
      [Short description because I don't have much to add, from this day (03/01/2021 or 01/03/2013)]   🗺️

      Un mod en el que intentaré agregar mapas, civilizaciones, escenarios, eventos, gobiernos, banderas y muchas cosas mas.
      [Descripción corta ya que no tengo mucho que decir, comenze desde este dia (03/01/2021 en el sistema de EEUU o 01/03/2021sistema normal)]🗺️ 
      // English //
      If you want to be part of this mod you can send me a message to discord: Kip IC # 0942
      //Spanish // 
      Si quieres ser parte de este mod puedes mandarme mensaje a discord: Kip IC#0942
      That's it, thanks for reading. (I will update the post every time I feel progress//Actualizaré la publicación cada vez que sienta progreso)
      Gracias y adiós 😄
    • By LaFinchy
      I have already did Reunion, Mauritius, Comoros, Mayotte, Seychelles and Zanzibar
      totals to 59 provinces,

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