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Age of Civilizations

Great Peace - What if WW1 Never Happened Update v1

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After the assasination of Franz Ferdinand a risk of war beetwen Serbia and Austria was very high. The German ruler Kaiser Wilhelm knowed the risk of war with Russia and maybe even France so in the final he stopped A-H from attacking Serbia, no one would know that this thing would change Europe so much. After death of Francis Joseph I the Charles I was in charge of the empire now. After many riots in the empire he was forced to break the constitution and had to limit the autonomy of Hungary and less in rest of the empire. The uprising in the empire ended in 2 years old war where Hungary, Bohemia and Galicia gained indenpendece, Hungary gived up on Slovakia , Croatia and Bosnia because of the risk of Romanian invasion so they becamed indenpented too. Lets see what new future wil bring to us

This scenario is What if WW1 never happened so:

-Galicia-Lodomeria and Croatia are cooperating with austria

-Bosnia,Serbia and Montenegro created the alliance

-Czech and slovaks created an alliance

-Colonies are the same as in 1914 (Egipt is puppet state)

-Canada, Australia and other dominions have less will for autonomy because of the bloody war never happened so they more depented on UK

-China is the same as in 1926

-Totalitarian regimes in Russia, Germany and Italy vever established

-Russia will face economic crisis because of loans from UK and France

-Portugal colonies was partitioned by Belgium,UK,Germany and France by treaty from 1913

-Japan Panasiatism is on rise




-New content

-New flags and civilizations

Update 1:

-Turkey and Northern Arabia now have more territory

-New Germany

-Portugal colonies was partitioned


Thanks for reading 🙂 (Sorry for my English)






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19 minutes ago, Future mapper said:

If world war one never happened I am really sure Turkey will be in more good position 

Maybe, we mnie that the ottoman empire was heading to collapse , but Maybelline i will give more provinces to turkey, thanks.

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10 hours ago, Aleksgol123 said:

Maybe, we mnie that the ottoman empire was heading to collapse , but Maybelline i will give more provinces to turkey, thanks.

Maybe* i dont remember what's "mnie" was. I meaned that ottoman empire was heading to collapse

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On 2/24/2019 at 10:34 PM, Macio said:

why did portugal lost colonies?

There were plans od partition im 1913 , only because Portugal joined the great war this didn't happened

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Actually project is canceled. I stopped playing AoC so i dont see any sense in making huge mod for this, mabe i will made something smaller but for now this project is officialy dead.

Sorry guys

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      Hi! Today I show you a similar map to 1914 ,a map of 1916 in february, when the central powers "were close" to win WW1 (at least in Europe,with the entry in the war of the Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria, the defeats of Russian Empire in the Eastern front, and the victories of the Ottoman Empire, with for example the Ottoman Empire close to dominate Suez Canal...)
      I did two maps of 1916: The first map with only Europe, and the second with all the world (I decided to show you the second one, because it's more complete)
      About tecnology: In the two maps, all the civilizations have the standard tecnology level, 0,45, except the next civilizations, that have the next tecnology levels:
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      -United Kingdom (In the two maps):0.6
      -France (In the two maps): 0.5
      -Russian Empire (In the two maps): 0.5
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      Update 26/03/2019:
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      But well, I finally changed it and now the borders are supposed to be correct (I suppose so... xD)
      In this update, I also gave to Persia defensive pacts with Russian Empire and the British Empire (In the reality, Persia was under the influence of Russia in the north and of the British Empire in the south) and I also gave to the Russian Empire and British Empire the military access in Persia,like in the real history.
      I gave to Russia all the territories that they ocuppied during 1914 and 1915 in Persia, except the capital, Teheran, for obvious reasons.
      Finally, I'm sorry for this fail, but I have some new pictures of the map for you!
      (The new pictures are of the new changes in territories due to the Front of  the Middle East)
      Update 29/03/2019:
      Well, another update hehe. But it's only for correct a little mistake in the Middle East (Yeah,another time xD) I gave to the Ottoman Empire some territories that, at that time, belong to Nejd. I corrected it and I took a picture for you can see the new territories of Nejd:
      Update 3/7/2019:
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      If you see some error in the map, please tell me in comments and I'll try to fix it.
      Release: Waiting for Workshop...
      Thank you for reading!
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      Also I will try my best to give the player a LOT of freedom in those events For example: if you want to try and buy the old german lands that were lost in the peace treaty or just make your realtions with france so good that you can just ask for them and of course you can choose the aggresive route 
      let me know if you like it or not and you can also leave suggestions for events, borders, continents etc

    • By TomasC8426
      The Great War Scenario
      On 2 August 1914, Germany occupied Luxembourg and sent an ultimatum to Belgium, demanding passage through the country. When Belgium refused, Germany declared war on France on 3 August and on Belgium the following day. German troops immediately crossed the border, launching an offensive against the Belgian city of Liège.
      This scenario begins on August 4, 1914 during the invasion of Belgium, contains armies and for some strange reason France is op.
      Here the scenario links my bois:
      https://drive.google.com/open?id=11m5UfhH0ZnX7hDKyUZSOpoh3XbNSezZ1  <-- .rar link of the scenario
      https://drive.google.com/open?id=1rFlmB_7vzzXyKXV3ijW7Qne-1gRJXduJ         <-- .zip link of the scenario
      There are no files because the page does not allow to put files after the limit of 11MB.
      Pics of the scenario:

      Africa and the Middle East:




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