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Best Modern World Mod, New World Ultra 3.0.0

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General features
    New 2022 scenario
    New Antarctica Map
    New background, font & UI
    New canals: Panama Canal & Suez Canal
    New cores: Americas: 14, Eurasia: 62 (Active separatist movements)
    New provinces: Gaza, San Marino, Vaduz (Liechtenstein) & Vatican City
    13 Ideologies
    31 Events (Elections, coups...)
    21 Musics
    Improved Diseases
    Improved Military Upkeep
    Realistic economy, diplomacy & population
    Reduced chance to spawn rebels

    Armenia-Azerbaijan Clashes
    Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
    Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan Clashes
    Mali War
    Myanmar Civil War
    Russo-Ukrainian War
    Second Libyan Civil War
    Somali Civil War
    Syrian Civil War
    Tigray War (Ethiopia)
    Yemen Civil War

Features from Conquerors
    AI Aggressiveness 0-1000%
    AI better assimilates provinces
    All lands are automatically granted when a country's capital falls and about 75% of its territory is occupied (Capitulation System)
    Assimilation cost reduced from 0.6 diplomacy points to 0.4
    Assimilation time increased from 50 to 100 (All lands can be increased to 100% with a single assimilation)
    At least 100 soldiers are required to attack 1 province
    Countries you have high relationship with will ask you for country pacts (Alliance...)
    Country Pacts can be up to 200 turns long (Non-Aggression Pact...)
    Disease death rate can be set to -200% in scenario settings
    Economy and population can be set to 5000 in scenario settings
    Improved AI
    Improved combat fatigue
    Improved 'Support Rebels'
    Increased income from vassals
    Increased maximum growth rate to 300
    Increased Technology points to 100
    Invest all available money in manual economic investments
    More casualties in battles
    More than 3 countries can be in alliances
    'Prepare for War' can be 50 rounds
    Raise an army from your people living in enemy territory
    Relationships can now reach 200
    Starting Money can be set to 500.000 in scenario settings
    Vassals declare less war



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