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I start creating scenario about alternative history where Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth never fall and now is the biggest and strongest country in world! Scenario start in 1900 and Commonwealth is in aliance with France and Hungary. The most of africa is colonised by Commonwealt. USA is independenc but Florida is now Commonwealth colony. France get most of west USA. Quebec is France puppet. UK get collaped but it England still have some of colonies and heve with them (colonies what have "autonomy") aliance with name "Commonwealth of English". HRE get invade by Commonwealth even before French Revolution (in this alternative history Russia, Austria and Prussia was have crisis in there states so Commonwealth get Berlin, Munich and Vienna in 3 years), and when Prussia fall then France invende HRE too and Hungary declare independenc. After French Revolution Paris, Warsaw and Budapest create a Aliance know as "Central Powers" and invande Russia IN SUMMER. Romanows defendenc ther crown BUT Russia Empire get collapsed. China get collaped too but that very like Russian Empire. Etiopia Annexed Somali, Somailand, Dibuti and Erytrea. Ottomans lost all of North Africa (they have now only Egypt), Iraq,  and Erytra but get all of Sudan. Austria, Venice, Croatia, Serbia Bosnia is now Hungary puppets. Islands on Carraiban Sea is now colones of France. France get British Guyana and Suriname... This is all about mod lore... for now...

After some time some of nations get event in what they will be can change of idelogy. 

If you choose option about beacome socialist state than you at first beacome socialist country. After some time you will beacome Social Democracy,  Communist, Bolshevic goverment and at end Social-Nationalism state.

If you choose option to beacome nationalism state then you will be nationalist state, after thet you beacome Ultrantionalist state, National Autoritarism state, fascit state and at end you beacom National-Socialism State

If you choose option ( orstart as country and don't change this) to beacome republic/democracy than you have two ways

1.Beacom demovracy country to end of game and don't change and fighting to democracy be in every country in world

2. After beacome democracy you will be able to beacome Autoritarist democracy  Autoritarism state, Totalitarism state, Military Junta and Dictators System at the end.

If you start a game as monarchy nation or change this by any option than you will beacome Constitiuconial Monarchy after some time, after that you will beacome Absolute Monarchy

Colonies and puppets states get some events to beacome indepence (without Commonwealth puppet in Moscau and French North-Central American State and some of Commonwealth colonie in Asia) 


Here is link to Mod Discord Server:


And first screenshout


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