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Age of Civilizations
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    • By AlexZs
      Help! I create a scenario I add a country on a map everything I influence I save. After a scenario is saved with the name ERROR and at an attempt to start him he takes off in a menu. (I use translator)
    • By Jagd_JaegerDE
      The New Order: Last Days of Europe for Age of Civilizations II
      (In Development)
      The Lore
      The Second World War ended with the complete destruction of the enemies of Hitler's Germany and his fellow Axis nations. The world of 1962 is now a much different one then anyone could have imagined.
      From the former lands of Russia where petty warlords battle for control of the torched steppes, to the once mighty Reich, where various factions threaten to tear the nation apart into civil war.
      No matter what happens, the world is in perhaps its most turbulent phase, with the Reich and Japan on the brink of war, and the threat of nuclear destruction looming over all, will the world survive into the 70's?
      -Definitely NOT from the moddb page
      Roadmap for Mod till Alpha Release(as of 19.03.2019):
      -Finish importing countries/flags-100%
      -Finishing country borders-40%
      -Create custom ideologies that match TNO-100%
      Roadmap for Mod on Full Release
      -Adding TNO Music
      -Implementing events into mod
      -Add realistic population and economy
      -Edit AoC2 Map to put the gaping hole in mid Africa, and Atlantropa for the Mediterranean Sea.
      -Edit AoC2 to fix borders.
      Permissions and Credits:
      To a gfx artist on the dev team who wishes not to be named, thank you for the province pictures and country flags.
      Panzer for coming up with this brilliant idea, I do not take any credit for this mod, only to recreate in AoC2
      Suggestions are welcome, but there is no guarantee they will be put into the mod.
      Screenshots will most likely differ from the final product

    • By Windows XP Mapping
      This is a "still being worked on" scenario with youtubers such as Pewdiepie, Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, T-series and Me
      I will give you screenshots
      Dont ask me for a link because I have Android

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