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Age of Gensokyo Mod (1.2 Update)

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The Gensokyo Map is now a full on mod!
The mod will run using the Uwut Engine.

The mod features:
-A 735 Province Map of Gensokyo
-A bunch of civilizations created for the map
-Governments have been turned into "Alignments" and features a bunch of rebalanced alignments for you to mess around with.
-All the stuff from Uwut Engine, including Nukes Spellcards
-Redone ages
-Some scenarios based on the games in the series.

Future features:
-Reworked scenarios from the vanilla map
-More alignments
-A secret thing 😄

Mod Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QGs6sRJafOe8YOKdZLNJamYI8PN7Xp8j/view?usp=sharing

Uwut Engine:

Touhou Project by ZUN
Leader Portraits from Touhou Puppet Dance Performance Shard of Dreams and Extended
Tenma Portrait from Igneous25
Chang'e Image from Touhou: Silent Sinner in Blue
Touhou 19 Character Sprites from Touhou 19
New default event image and capitulation image created using Walfas
New nuclear event images are screenshots from various Touhou Games pulled off the internet
Music from Touhou 6 and 7, by the legendary ZUN himself

javaw 2023-09-18 02-00-18-565.png

javaw 2023-09-18 02-00-26-428.png

javaw 2023-09-18 02-00-28-460.png

javaw 2023-09-18 02-00-31-824.png

javaw 2023-09-18 02-00-36-004.png

javaw 2023-09-18 02-00-40-817.png

javaw 2023-09-18 02-00-43-566.png

javaw 2023-09-18 02-00-51-011.png

javaw 2023-09-18 02-01-06-284.png

javaw 2023-09-18 02-01-44-891.png

javaw 2023-09-18 02-02-17-001.png

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1.2 Update
-Everyone's FAVORITE Touhou Character, Mizuchi, has been added. (Sarcasm)
-Alignments for Zanmu (Nothing) and the Dream World (Dream) have been added.
-Scenarios for Touhou 6-13 have been added.
-Updated to Uwut Engine 1.5.3.

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