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Age of Civilizations
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Bux Fix Mod

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Someone needs to make a bug fix mod for android.  I can't take the bugs closing me from basically 40% of the editor and subsequently much of the game.  These include:

Growth rate editor

Region editor

Continent editor

Terrain type editor (map and game)

And many more

The problem with these is that whenever I change the growth rate of, say, southern France, the original always resets.  This doesn't let me properly balance the game, especially in a Medieval scenario when Germany was a forest backwater and nowhere near an industrial powerhouse.

I normally would not care for region or continent editor, but strangely two provinces in the caucuses, two provinces in north China, and two provinces in Korea are out of place and in the Iberia region (Europe continent).  Even worse is these provinces have their growth rate maxed out, and as I mentioned before I cannot change that either.

Lastly the terrain.  Mostly, I wanted to change (double) the modifiers each terrain has, to have it play a bigger role mostly in combat.  Unfortunately, it always resets to the original modifiers.

Can someone make a mod for android fixing these issues?  I feel like I only got a part of the game.

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