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Age of Civilizations

More building ideas

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So here are my ideas

Let us build borders like:

Level 1: Iron Fence

Level 2: Guarded fence

Level 3: A Wall (would be great at east germany and Mexico)

Military base: if a nation attacks a province with a military base soldiers by themselves would spawn there

Level 1: Military Camp

Level 2: Military Camp

Level 3: Militarized Zone

Weaponized Towers: if a nation attacks it would shoot at them

Level 1: Shoot 1 quarter of them

Level 2: Shoot half of them

Level 3 shoot 3 quarter of them

Also ability to build cities in a province

Level 1: Village 

Level 2: City

Level 3: Metropolis

Level 4: Energy City (Available from 2050)

And you could name these cities and only 3 cities max /province.

Also cities would make income and population growth bigger and we should be able to build workshop on cities not on provinces

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    • By viktor77727
      I don't know if it's just me or a common bug but I added Belarussian cores in Poland so that only Belarus can revolt around Minsk but instead of that I got Lendian revolts...in 2000's. Can you please make that only civilizations that have a core in a province can revolt in it? The other day I also got Slovenian revolts...in Vienna (they didn't cover any Slovenian provinces) which spread up to Berlin - I never added any Slovene cores.
    • By Heidelmann
      I suggest a new update which makes use of the events system, as the game can be way more interesting with events. It is way too hard to set up events individually, and I just request that this is spread out to moderators and Lukasz Jakowski. Also, a more accurate placement of leaders to their proper timelines would be amazing.
      Thanks to Lukasz for developing this game(I am aware we demand too much from a one man developer, but I plead in behalf of many others!)
    • By TANTAN
      I think that the national strength (such as the economy) of the countries in the countryside (western Africa, Central Asia, northern India, etc.) from the 1st century AD to around 1800 BC is a bit too high. So the power of small European countries may be equal to the power of countries in central Africa. I think this may be strange indeed. What do you think? (I'm not familiar with history so I'm sorry if my suggestions are wrong.)
      As I am not good at English, there may be many mistakes. Sorry
      Would you mind responding to me? I want to know your idea.
    • By Republikafilippinas.ball
      I really enjoy creating scenarios but it becomes a problem when it comes to the Event creator. It's confusing and a bit difficult to learn. Lukasz, you should either add a tutorial or create a better OSD for it.
    • By Naoiph
      1. The ability to make custom buildings for mods and stuff.
      2. Aircraft. Aircraft would be like the ground army but can only be trained in provinces with an airbase. To attack with aircraft you could go into into a special 'Aircraft' map view. Aircraft can move 2 or 3 provinces at a time and can move through your territory, nations which you have military access to's territory and enemy territory. When over enemy territory there will be two buttons which will be kind of like the 'plunder' button for ground troops. One will commence a bombing raid which destroys population and economy and the other, close air support, kills troops. A random percentage of aircraft get 'shot down' after each turn the bombing or close air support happens.
      3. Capitulation. When a country loses a percentage of its provinces, every turn after that there should be a random chance of the country capitulating and surrendering.
      4. More types of resources.
      5. Better AI.
      6. Religions doing something (In the game files there are religion icons and a json file so I think this might come soon)
      7. Leaders dying.
      8. Elections for new leaders (maybe)
      that is all my idea so far
      edit: and also the icon for democracy should be changed. I don't think a crown would be suitable for it
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