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Age of Civilizations
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    • By Lucas L
      Well, I have seen that nobody in the forum has done this map (at least I didn't see anyone), so I made a scenario from Italo-Turkish War in 1911.
      It's a very simple map: Two civilizations, Italy (with colonies) and the Ottoman Empire.
      The scenario begins at 29st of september of 1911.
      About tecnology: The tecnological level of the two civilizations is the standard level, 0,45.
      I'm from android and I can't share the map with you until Workshop arrives, but I can show you some pictures:
      Release: Waiting for Workshop...
      Thank you for reading!
    • By Lucas L
      Well, after two months of inactivity at doing maps, today I did one of the Portuguese Colonial War (1961-1974) based on the year of 1970.
      There are four civilizations: Portugal (only with their controlled territories in Africa, for balance the game), Angola, Guinea-Bissau and Mozambique (Cape verde and São Tomé and Príncipe were under portuguese control).
      I didn't add East Timor because was under portuguese control and away of the principal independence movements in Africa.
      I can't give you the download link because I'm from android (I hope that after the launchment of the game in iOS, Lukasz launch the Workshop) but, for now, I can show you some pictures of the scenario.
      If you have any suggestion, please tell me in comments!

    • By Lucas L
      Hey guys, today I want to show you some maps that I created from of the Middle Ages in the Iberian Peninsula:

      1140: (The difference between this scenario and the scenario of 1139 it's the Portugal independece)

      About tecnology: In all the maps, all the civilizations have the standard tecnology level, 0,45.
      I am from android and I can't share the scenarios with you until Workshop arrives.
      Release (of all the maps): Waiting for Workshop...
      Thank you for reading!
    • By Lucas L
      Hi! After some days of work, I finished my first map of the entire world!
      It's a world map of 1570 with 125 civilizations. In some places, like India, I had to create some new civilizations that weren't in the game.
      There is one special case: Japan. I put some rival clans in it, but you know, Japan was always in civil wars, so some zones are neutral.
      The map doesn't has wasteland (I don't like wasteland in the entire world)
      And finally, there are some places, like North America,Australia and Siberia, with tribal civilizations, so their territory can be a bit different of reality.
      Update 16/04/2019:
      I am from android, so I couldn't share the map with you, but now, with the help of my friend krauser3ful, I can give you the download link!
      Enjoy the scenario! :
      Finally, I show you some pictures of the map. If you see a error, please tell me in comments and I will try to fix it.

      Release: You can download the map now! 
      Thank you for reading!
    • By Lucas L
      I saw the flag of Italian Social Republic when I was editing one of my maps of WW2, so I thought in make a map of the Italian Civil War (1943-1945) 
      But like territories change a lot, I finally made two maps of this war: One from 1st november of 1943 and the other from 4st october of 1944. Ironically, the two maps aren't balanced and one civilization is stronger than the other.
      About tecnology: The two civilizations in the two maps have the standard tecnology levels, 0,45.
      I'm from android and I can't give you a download link, but I can show you some pictures of the two maps:
      1st november of 1943:
      4st october of 1944:
      Release: Waiting for Workshop...
      Thank you for reading!
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