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Age of Civilizations
Łukasz Jakowski

Age of Fixing bugs

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On 3/1/2019 at 1:33 PM, tww said:

1.please fix zero opinion in late game

2.i dont know it is a bug or not but why ai always only can make alliance with 2 members?i think it would be more challenging if they could add more members

3.99 economy...well it didnt occured with ai...they still could upgrading their economy but the player cant

4.sometimes defence pact didnt worked

5.game freeze after you try to open income map...it took long time to wait or the game crashed

6.military access bug...if you stationed your army in a country's province  which give you a military access or vassal and that province attacked by its enemy then your army will perished completely even when only attacked by one enemy troop...i wish i could help that country by stationing my army there like proxy war but it seems doesnt works at all

maybe i forgot the other bugs but i will keep updating this if i found them again


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7 hours ago, tww said:

there are many players reported about this bug...are you sure you didnt have this bug?well...just try attack a province til their economy become 99 and then occupy it and raise its economy

It hardly occurs for me, i tested that. Thanks for explaining.

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When you've been playing for a while, the opinions of some countries all of a sudden turn to zero. Even after trying to improve relations or after insulting the country, the opinion "counter" stays on zero.This is quite annoying, if your main tactic is forming alliances or annexing countries. The game still works, but the main factor which i enjoy the most is no longer there, which really takes a toll on how fun the game is. A fix or an explanation how to fix this is, is always welcome.

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Posted (edited)

Trying to help:

Important bugs to be fixed that probably everyone knows:

If you speed up the game too much the game glitches and dies with a black screen.

Also the names move to an upper position by the same way.

If you offer military access to a civilization that's at war against you will run over you but you won't. (I don't see the offer military acces option very useful idk)

September goes before August (in the game)

In some point of the game, when therelations with a country reaches 0, it will mantain in 0 the rest of the game.

The countries you create won't be added in "age of civilizations" mode (not important but everyone knows this)

Bugs that happened to me:

when i move the position of the port the game breaks for ever (need to reset).

Sometimes rebels becomes a civilization called literally rebels and on every turn (sometimes two or simply stays) changes. I don't know how to produce it. Usually happens when i use the spectator mode.

When you share an enemy with someone and this someone has troops in your land, if the enemy attack theese troops they will simple disappear. this also happens against two enemies that are at war with you. only the troops of the civilization that hosts the province will defend.

I'll update this list through time.

When a province is colonized, it shows on the right side of the screen, but if the name is too long will only write the end of it's name

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added bugs

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rebels bug

there is a rebel goverment which always change colour or declaring independeces...if you declare war on them they just change color and war ended after some turns...and when i could attacked them with my troops then my troops became theirs...i couldnt never occupy their provinces and my troops keep joined them when i attacking them


if this not fixed these rebels will be undefeatable and game become endless

Edited by tww

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