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    • By Mattio
      When I make a new scenarios on editor and when I try it, when I click on "next turn" I have to wait too much time for the next turn. Pls help me. 
    • By Mattio
      Rega, ma pk ogni volta che creo uno scenario e lo provo, ogni volta che procedo coi turni si carica dopo un botto di tempo? Nn so se mi spiego ma si potrebbe aggiustare sto bug? 
    • By Mattio
      Pls help me: when I make a scenario, every time I try it, it's too long the time to wait the end of the turn... After 10 seconds I can begin the new turn but why is there this bug?? Can I fix it? 
    • By Underscore_
      How to add a new language or custom language on AoC2.
      1. you need to copy bundles.properties and paste it on other folder
      2. Go to inside the bundles.properties file that you copied and translate it with your language
      3. add your language tag on your language file name, it should be like this: bundles_yourtaghere.properties
      3. if you done it, paste it on game/languages
      4. to add flag, you need to go to inside age_of_civilizations file, the file should be inside game/languages folder
      5. and then add your language tag and your flag tag, to find the flags tag, you need to go to game/flagsH and you will find your flag tag and your flag that you want to add. Then, it should be like this: ;yourlanguagetag;yourflagtag;
      6. Save it and done 👍
      If you still don't understand, you can go to my YouTube Channel i will upload the video soon.
    • By Underscore_
      Is it possible to add wonders images on android? I always confused about x and y things because i don't know about location provinces and to know the location provinces thing i need to use map editor but it need to use the computer.
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