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Age of Civilizations
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    • By 11:59 Development Team
      When you get banned for shouting TINANMEN SQUARE in the Chinese Raiders Camp:

      (Light mode best mode by the way)


      Only older Paradox and AoC2 fans will get this one:

    • By Beter Griffin
      Why is it that there are these guests? They honestly shouldn't be able to post or react. It simply removes the fundamental incentive of signing up.
    • By LildawgGaming
      Lthuana wll prove to be the greatest derp!
      Lthuana wll kll Teutonc Order frst!

      How dare they use an "I" n ther name!  We wll punsh them!
      Teutons now dead!  Lvonans must de now too!
      Lvona surrender now!
      Livonian Order: No you freak...
      Alrght then.  DE!!!

      Lthuana stronk!

      Lthuana happy now. 🙂

      (This was so dumb to do but I loved the whole thing. XD)
    • By Irish empire
      Anyone else notice this drunk albania?
      Not sure but I thought you were in Europe XD

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