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Age of Civilizations
  1. Sabitaje


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    • By AlphaStar
      You can cringe but you can't not play this (at least when I publish it). Anyways this is literally random, I plastered random civilizations around the regular world map and  you might probably see that from the photos. Might be a few memes here and there.
      Currently Finalizing I'll publish it when I figure out how to publish it and when I'm done finalizing it.
      Umm I guess that's it? I'll also start working on an alternate future WW3 scenario thing that I was thinking about on my 3 week vacation to Europe that I got back from 2 weeks ago.

    • By alisaoc
      Features -
      - More than 100 events
      - Countries poor
      - Technology poor
      - New states in Anatolia
      - Byzantine, Huns, Nazi Germany and many countries returned
      - Leaders Update ( For example, the leader of nazi Germany in 2019, rocky suhayda )
      - New diseases
      - Diseases kill fast
      - Economy & Population growth -100
      - Revolt in many countries
      - Fascism-communism war in South America
      - Fascism-communism war in Africa
      - and more
      Screenshot -

      Let the Turks read: I'm sorry, our scenario is crisis and collapse, so Kurdistan in Anatolia
      Türkler okusun: Üzgünüm beyler, senaryo kriz ve çöküş olduğu için kürdistan biraz büyük, kusura bakmayın.
      Important: After about 100 laps, new revolts and new states, the map varies a lot
      Updates -
      0.9.2 -> 28 new events / bugfix / Byzantine, Mongolian, Hun empire active
      all other updates -> new events, bugfixs, leaders update, and more
      Download Link -
      oh yeah yeah.zip
      Only one person makes this scenario... but better than a team !!!
    • By KorBoogaloo
      Hello you all Beautiful People!
      Ive returned to say that soon enough ill start working on 1715 version 0.7 
      This version should include Africa but be warned that ill have to make it from scrap
      The rest of the version (0.9, 0.10) should include Both of the Americas and perhaps smaller updates to these versions like a 0.10.2
      The Official release version, 1.0, should also include more events than the existing one!
      So please have patience
    • By jws29095
      According to @Vis Tactius no one does AARs. Or at least no one does them seriously so I guess it's up to me. 🙂
      I have set some very interesting goals for this campaign beginning in 1440 and ending in 1821, or basically the EUIV timeline.
      1. Unite the British Isles by 1707
      2. Colonize the eastern seaboard by 1600
      3. Turn the map into the Vicky 2 English Colonial map by colonizing the areas shown in the attached image. 
      Optional Goals
      1. Reverse Hundred Years War: conquer France and get Paris. With or without vassalizing the rest of France. 
      2. Conquer Iberia and Scandinavia 
      3. Become a Northern European hegemony. 

    • By Seabseab2
      I dont know what I did for these past few days, but i tried to make it perfect. heres the download link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1hMO7LflN2dT-Kv29MziusAZraTJIHE4s
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