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Age of Civilizations

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Hello! Could you make the laucher allow the 32-bit game to play? is that I have a 32-bit computer and I can not run the mod because the laucher will only have the exe file and not the executable jar file, which usually comes in the game.
I do not know if I explained well.
Thanks in advance.

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15 hours ago, jinstronda said:

always when i open ww2 enriched it crashes

when i install ww2 enriched and the addon , and i relaunch the game .... the game will just freeze ... like ... forever ...

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6 hours ago, Kelvinnn said:

when i install ww2 enriched and the addon , and i relaunch the game .... the game will just freeze ... like ... forever ...

I have to wait 10-15 minutes in average to is unfreeze

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12 hours ago, gamer said:

How to start the launcher after downloading?

just open it , u go to download and u extract it into a normal file , and then browse the file and open the thing that listed APPLICATION 

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      Hi,I did this map of the Spanish-American War (1898)
      I added two new leaders:The USA president William Mckinley and the regent queen of Spain Maria Christina.
      Credits to krauser3ful for copy my map on pc,(I am from android) add leader images and send me the rar archive.
      About tecnology:In the two maps,the two civilizations have the standard tecnology level,0.45.
      I hope you enjoy the map!
      Spanish-American War.rar
      Update 26/03/2019:
      Since I finished the map,I was so happy with my work and I though that I had made my best at doing it and I couldn't  make more maps about this war,but suddenly I saw a video of the war "everyday" and I though:Why not doing another map with another date and change in territory? And that's everything.I begun to investigate and I finally made another map about this war,so now there are two maps about this conflict:
      The first map:Spanish-American War-25st april of 1898
      It corresponds with the other scenario,but in the downloadable map the United States already have Hawaii (In the real life,in the 25st april of 1898,they haven't ocuppied the islands yet) so that's an error,I will see how to fix it in the future)
      The second map:Spanish-American War-7st july of 1898.
      Which are the differences between the two maps?
      In the first map,the United States hasn't ocuppied yet Hawaii and Guam,so in the second map they are already conquisted Hawaii and Guam.Also,in the first map (25st april of 1898) the United States and Spain aren't in war,and in the second map,they are already in war (obviously)
      I know that these are only a few islands and relations,but I'm a perfectionist,and I always want to do maps with the best content.
      So the first map it's downlodoable with the little error of Hawaii (I'm sorry) and I will give the download link of the second map when the Workshop arrives.
      Also,you can play with your actual map,I only make this because I like to be perfectionist xD.
      Finally,some pictures of the two different maps:
      Spanish-American War 25st april of 1898:
      Spanish-American War 7st july of 1898:
      Release (of the second map):Waiting for Workshop...
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