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FailureReich: Stalemate Great war

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    • By Japanese Scenarios
      Peaceful Balkan Pact:
      Bosna and Herzegovina
      Great Balkan Pact:
      (This is my second scenarios. Please don't forget to comment.)
    • By Dolphin General
      (I'm sorry if my english is bad, of course for the brazilians I will translate)
      (me desculpa pelo meu inglês ruim, é claro que pros brasileiros eu foi traduzir)
      ### ENGLISH
      So, Brazil is a BIG country, but in AoC2 it's a medium country and it has a interesting history that isn't represented well in the default game. 
      Because of that, in the mod I'm woking now, Brazil and its close regions or countries (Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, half of Peru, the Guyanas and a little bit of Venezuela and Chile) will recive a new map, with a new satellite background, new provinces (of course focused on Brazil) and some more scenarios (all based on Brazil's history).
      I will post some advances here, like the done parts of the map and the scenarios made
      ### PORTUGUESE
      Então, o Brasil é um país GRANDE, mas no AoC2 é médio, o país tem uma história interessante na qual não é bem representada no jogo normalmente.
      Por causa disso, no mod que estou trabalhando neste momento, Brasil e suas regiões mais perto (Argentina, Uruguai, Paraguai, metade do peru, as Guianas e um pouco da Venezuela e Chile) vão receber um novo mapa, com um fundo "estilo satélite", novas províncias (é claro, focadas no Brasil) e uns cenários (todos baseados na história do Brasil). 
      Eu vou postar aqui alguns avanços, como as partes prontas do mapa e os cenários até então feitos.
    • By Damianeq mappings
      1700 scenario !!!
      scenario requires Addon +
      and is under development.
      I have problems with the Holy German Empire, so I listed the country. if you find any mistake, please write

      Zdięcia aktualnego stanu
    • By Some user
      I don't know what to say haha, but practically this is a flag that I remade about an alternative Poland.
      In short: it would be a Poland that is trying to expand its territory and take revenge on its past, taken over by nationalists. You can call this Greater Poland as Gerland.
      Hope you like it ❤️


      *Map if you want put it in your AOC2:

      (You can also put it with the fascist ideology.)
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