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Age of Civilizations
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    • By IgnacioCL
      and 3000+ turns later...

      is getting harder to claim every land on earth... but you can create your empire wherever you want.
      - Needs improvements with economics stats
      - Needs ways to increase population growing rates
      Note: i edited grow rates in bunch of zones making 100% 90% 80% more relevant in game because money spending is focused there.
      Hi, from Chile ^^
    • By Abdulrahman
      isn’t China’s population is Way more than 2 mill?

    • By Izanagi-Chan
      Hola, siempre he tenido este problema
      mis provincias no suben de 99 de economía, no importa cuanto invierta en esa provincia y aumente el desarrollo, no pasan el 99 de economía. algunas si lo logran pero otras se han no, puedo pasar más de 100 turnos invirtiendo y se estanca en 99, a veces sube a 100 pero luego baja después de que terminan los turnos del dinero invertido, agradecería muchísimo que me ayudarán con esto 
      PD: no soy un jugador nuevo, llevo decenas y decenas de horas en este juego y ya lo he completado muchas veces con 4000 de provincias pero el problemas como dije anteriormente es que mis provincias se estancan en 99 de economía.
    • By SliminoDomino
      How do I increass my population because when I recruit an Army it's only 200 how can I make it into 5,000?
    • By Henemyzzz
      Hello! Not so long ago, I wanted to bring the game population as close as possible to the real one (so that on the Earth map in total there would be at least more than 3 billion people). I know that it can be increased through the editor to an indicator of 200,000, as well as increase the growth rate, but this is naturally not enough.
      Just a week ago, I found out that it is still possible to do this through the game codes. Almost the whole week I delved into the codes of the game in order to find at least some parameter through which the world population can be increased, but to no avail.
      Then I decided to ask for help on the forum, and created this post.
      And now the main thing in this post:
      Guys, how and where can the world population be increased with the help of game codes in all provinces at once, and not in one? It may be possible even to remove the restriction from the slider of the population in the editor?
      Thanks in advance!
      P.S. I sincerely apologize for the possibly clumsy translation, I'm Russian and I write this with Google translator =]
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