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Age of Civilizations

How do I change my Nation's Flag and my Alliance's name in-game?

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On 3/21/2019 at 2:03 PM, JPMend said:

Hey guys. Could you give me some help? I don't know how to change my Nation's Flag and my Alliance's name in-game. Thanks

They already explained how to change "flag" within the game, it is a method that I always use.

Now I will give you an option, (the one I know) to change the name of the alliance, and it is with a bug of the game.
What you have to do is load your game, and save it, make sure it is saved, then you leave the game to the main menu and you go to the game editor, you enter the stage part (to edit them), you wait a few seconds and you return to play, only this time instead of loading the game, you give "new game", to know if everything is going well, you should not be shown the window where you say you want to start a new game, but, you should load your saved game If you load your saved game, before giving it to play, go to the configuration part and select diplomacy, then select alliances and edit the name of your alliance, after that you will play and that's it!
If I do not charge your game, repeat all the above.
But doing all this has a consequence, which is that everyone will lose their respective armies, in addition to the game will take it as a new game. This is an advantage and a disadvantage depending on the situation you are in, and how you use it.

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