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Age of Civilizations

Regions of Italy - Scenario

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Hello guys!

This is the first time I write a post on this forum, this is my first scenario I´ve made.

I created all the flags and names, then tried to put them in to a original position and added different levels of technology each regions, seems pretty good!



Have fun!



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9 minutes ago, Comrade Athos said:

Bellissimo! Da italiano, aspettavo uno scenario del genere!

Very beautifull! As an Italian, I was waiting for such a scenario!


Purtroppo, io ho dovuto toglierla. Non perché non funzionava, ma semplicemente molte bandiere mancavano. Risolvi questo errore, per piacere!


Unfortunately, I had to take it off. Not because it did not work, but simply many flags were missing. Resolve this error, please!



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I dont know why i didnt see this post back in the day 

On 12/28/2018 at 8:23 PM, Alongi said:

this is my first scenario I´ve made.

Let me tell you that i like very much what im seeing and i cant believe that this is your first scenario! You have done a beautiful first scenario!

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Ho espanso questo scenario aggiungendo le regioni di qualche altro paese vicino e modificando le bandiere, ricorda che quando crei uno scenario con civiltà personalizzate dovresti non solo lo scenario in se ma anche le civs., mi piacerebbe collaborare con te per espandere maggiormente il territorio coperto da questa mappa, quì puoi trovare la mia versione dello scenario e quì, invece, puoi leggere come creare bandiere personalizzate con photoshop, io ho scaricato le bandiere e tagliate (nel caso di bandiere bi o mono colore) o ridotte con paint.

Nel caso accettassi il mio invito messaggiami sul mio profilo.

I expanded this scenario adding the regions of some adjoining province and modifing the flags, remember that when you upload a scenario with personalized civilizations you should not just post the scenario but also the civs., i'd like to work with you to further expand the area covered by this map, there you can find my version of the scenario and this is the tutorial on how to crate a personalized flag with photoshop, i downloaded the flags and used paint to cut ( for flags with one or two colors) or reduce them proportionally.

If you are intentioned to accept my offer, message me on my profile.

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