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Age of Civilizations

Improve Peace Deals

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2 minutes ago, Shehab666 said:
  1. Spain includes the Netherlands so, please surrender on trying.
  2. I agree, the war score isn't usually fair, they should make it like hoi4, where you can pass your turn to earn more warscore.

Im playing as Castille not Spain

Edit: nvm i understand now, nah it will be easy

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I think more realistic peace deals would be needed:

-change ideology/government

-better war reparations and avalaible only for the defensors

-occupations : provinces will cost half of the warscore needed for these provinces and will belong to you for a certain duration (max duration will be the duration of the war)  after you would have two options: create a vassal or give the provinces back if the civ still exist

-player making all peace deals when he's mobilized and winner .AI accepting or refusing it.

-create vassals from the territories of the deafeted

-after a certain war score, complete control of the civ (you can do whatever you want in the peace deals)

+ making an armistice before peace deals, that will stop the war with a civ whitout changing boarders and will affect only the civ that signed the armistice not the entire alliance.

Note: the civ that ask for armistice is the loser.

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