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Age of Civilizations
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    • By ComradeTheFirst
      I started new game as Austria in 1400,but today when I open it,everything was odd. I got note becaose of bug-chrase. Please can someone help me. Screenshoot following.

    • By Tree_d
      While playing the game, if you look into the sea map editor, or if you sail around the continents, you may find small areas of sea shaped like the continents near them. However, these are not classified as normal sea, but as lakes, so once you enter the area with a ship your army cannot leave. They are located north of the Continent in the case of Eurasia, or south of the continent with Australia, South America, and Africa. For North America, the strange continent-shaped sea is located southwest of Baffin Island. This bug can be annoying when you sail your army into it and you can't leave. However, it might be an Easter egg, but I doubt it. 

    • By Ms.Kanna
      While I'm creating my own leaders, I've encountered this bug.

      as you can see, the month August were switched in place of September.

      It's really small bug but it's really annoying, please fix it asap.
    • By pope
      Z ciekawości włączyłem renderowanie ciągłe, jednak tu się pojawia problem, a mianowicie nawet jeśli wyłączę ten tryb, to wciąż jest tak jakby włączony. Odinstalowanie nie działa
    • By PETER
      Someone needs to make a bug fix mod for android.  I can't take the bugs closing me from basically 40% of the editor and subsequently much of the game.  These include:
      Growth rate editor
      Region editor
      Continent editor
      Terrain type editor (map and game)
      And many more
      The problem with these is that whenever I change the growth rate of, say, southern France, the original always resets.  This doesn't let me properly balance the game, especially in a Medieval scenario when Germany was a forest backwater and nowhere near an industrial powerhouse.
      I normally would not care for region or continent editor, but strangely two provinces in the caucuses, two provinces in north China, and two provinces in Korea are out of place and in the Iberia region (Europe continent).  Even worse is these provinces have their growth rate maxed out, and as I mentioned before I cannot change that either.
      Lastly the terrain.  Mostly, I wanted to change (double) the modifiers each terrain has, to have it play a bigger role mostly in combat.  Unfortunately, it always resets to the original modifiers.
      Can someone make a mod for android fixing these issues?  I feel like I only got a part of the game.
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